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The Society for the Anthropology of North America

Center @ Roosevelt University
Lecture Series @ Dillard University
Lecture Series @ Stanford

Works by: On Being a Negro (1937)

Letter to Martin Luther King (1956) 

Two articles from the Nation 

Dr. WEB DuBois: A Life Experimentally and Self-Documented 

The Social and Economic Status of the Negro in the United States

What Happened to Black Studies?

Pan Africanism: What is it?

The Negro in the Communist Party by Wilson Record (Book Review)

Falasha Anthology (Book Review)

The American Negro's Relation to Africa 

Reflections on Anthropology and the Black Experience 

Further Reflections on Anthropology and the Black Experience (with Willie Baber)

The International Implications of Race and Race Relations 

Some observations on inter-ethnic conflict as one type of inter-group conflict 

Black Studies and Global Perspectives: An Essay

Democracy on Trial in Africa 

The American Dream and the Negro
Teaching Black

Notes on the Historical Periodization of the African Experience presented in a seminar on Introduction to Afro-American Studies.
(See his video presentation.)

Works about:

The Making of Black Metropolis Henri Peretz 

On Being a Committed Intellectual: St Clair Drake and the Politics of Anthropology  Glenn Jordan 

Panel @ Stanford University (2005)

“I Have Grown up in the Pan African Orbit”: St. Clair Drake, African Studies, and the Struggles of the Black Scholar-Activist, 1945-1960  Jerry Gershenhorn 

J. G. St. Clair Drake: Activist-Advocate Before His Time Thomas  Weaver 

St Clair Drake: Scholar and Activist Willie Baber

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