acetone - 0.79 g/ml/nbeer - 1.01 g/ml/nbutter - 0.92 g/ml/nethyl alcohol - 0.79 g/ml/nflour - 0.57 g/ml/nglycerine - 1.26 g/ml/nmilk - 1.03 g/ml/nsugar, beet - 0.8 g/ml/nsugar, granulated - 0.7 g/ml/nsugar, flour - 0.56 g/ml/nsunflower oil - 0.92 g/ml/nwater - 1 g/ml/n ml = 1 g

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acetone - 1.27 ml/g/nbeer - 0.99 ml/g/nbutter - 1.09 ml/g/nethyl alcohol - 1.27 ml/g/nflour - 1.75 ml/g/nglycerine - 0.79 ml/g/nmilk - 0.97 ml/g/nsugar, beet - 1.25 ml/g/nsugar, granulated - 1.43 ml/g/nsugar, powder - 1.79 ml/g/nsunflower oil - 1.09 ml/g/nwater - 1 ml/g/n g = 1 ml
ml to g counter table:1 ml
=1 gram21 ml=21 grams41 ml=41 grams70 ml=70 grams
2 ml=2 grams22 ml=22 grams42 ml=42 grams80 ml=80 grams
3 ml=3 grams23 ml=23 grams43 ml=43 grams90 ml=90 grams
4 ml=4 grams24 ml=24 grams44 ml=44 grams100 ml=100 grams
5 ml=5 grams25 ml=25 grams45 ml=45 grams110 ml=110 grams
6 ml=6 grams26 ml=26 grams46 ml=46 grams120 ml=120 grams
7 ml=7 grams27 ml=27 grams47 ml=47 grams130 ml=130 grams
8 ml=8 grams28 ml=28 grams48 ml=48 grams140 ml=140 grams
9 ml=9 grams29 ml=29 grams49 ml=49 grams150 ml=150 grams
10 ml=10 grams30 ml=30 grams50 ml=50 grams160 ml=160 grams
11 ml=11 grams31 ml=31 grams51 ml=51 grams170 ml=170 grams
12 ml=12 grams32 ml=32 grams52 ml=52 grams180 ml=180 grams
13 ml=13 grams33 ml=33 grams53 ml=53 grams190 ml=190 grams
14 ml=14 grams34 ml=34 grams54 ml=54 grams200 ml=200 grams
15 ml=15 grams35 ml=35 grams55 ml=55 grams300 ml=300 grams
16 ml=16 grams36 ml=36 grams56 ml=56 grams400 ml=400 grams
17 ml=17 grams37 ml=37 grams57 ml=57 grams500 ml=500 grams
18 ml=18 grams38 ml=38 grams58 ml=58 grams700 ml=700 grams
19 ml=19 grams39 ml=39 grams59 ml=59 grams900 ml=900 grams
20 ml=20 grams40 ml=40 grams60 ml=60 grams1000 ml=1000 grams

g to ml counter table:
1 gram=1 ml21 grams=21 ml41 grams=41 ml70 grams=70 ml
2 grams=2 ml22 grams=22 ml42 grams=42 ml80 grams=80 ml
3 grams=3 ml23 grams=23 ml43 grams=43 ml90 grams=90 ml
4 grams=4 ml24 grams=24 ml44 grams=44 ml100 grams=100 ml
5 grams=5 ml25 grams=25 ml45 grams=45 ml110 grams=110 ml
6 grams=6 ml26 grams=26 ml46 grams=46 ml120 grams=120 ml
7 grams=7 ml27 grams=27 ml47 grams=47 ml130 grams=130 ml
8 grams=8 ml28 grams=28 ml48 grams=48 ml140 grams=140 ml
9 grams=9 ml29 grams=29 ml49 grams=49 ml150 grams=150 ml
10 grams=10 ml30 grams=30 ml50 grams=50 ml160 grams=160 ml
11 grams=11 ml31 grams=31 ml51 grams=51 ml170 grams=170 ml
12 grams=12 ml32 grams=32 ml52 grams=52 ml180 grams=180 ml
13 grams=13 ml33 grams=33 ml53 grams=53 ml190 grams=190 ml
14 grams=14 ml34 grams=34 ml54 grams=54 ml200 grams=200 ml
15 grams=15 ml35 grams=35 ml55 grams=55 ml300 grams=300 ml
16 grams=16 ml36 grams=36 ml56 grams=56 ml400 grams=400 ml
17 grams=17 ml37 grams=37 ml57 grams=57 ml500 grams=500 ml
18 grams=18 ml38 grams=38 ml58 grams=58 ml700 grams=700 ml
19 grams=19 ml39 grams=39 ml59 grams=59 ml900 grams=900 ml
20 grams=20 ml40 grams=40 ml60 grams=60 ml1000 grams=1000 ml

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BaseCake Flour 3000g, Mrs. J Yellow Margerine 2,000gCastor sugar 1,000g, eggs 200gBase complete Filling Coconut Mix 2500g, Water 900gInstant Custard 250g, Filling complete Topping Fondant 250gApricot Jam 250g Topping totalPlease transform this for me.