How numerous Ravens is too numerous Ravens? versus Cleveland, Baltimore had 15 defenders top top the ar at once, and almost got away through it.

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Q: How plenty of Baltimore Ravens does it take it to pressure a Baker Mayfield incompletion?

Traditionally, NFL groups are enabled up come 11 football player on the ar at any one time. More players 보다 that would certainly be confusing to the audience and also unfair to their custom-following opposition. Attempting to play with 12 or much more on the ar incurs a five-yard penalty, which may or might not be one of Mike Vrabel’s weird hobbies.

Taking a too-many-men punish is not hugely uncommon. Follow to the aptly named NFL punish Tracker, so much in 2020 we’ve had 38 that them. What occurred to the Ravens and also the Browns, however, is much less common: 15 Ravens to be on the ar simultaneously.

package score, alas, stops working to totally capture this weirdness:

5 garden Penalty(:11) (Shotgun) B.Mayfield pass incomplete deep left come R.Higgins. Cleveland tested the too many players on ar ruling, and the play to be REVERSED. (Shotgun) B.Mayfield pass incomplete deep left to R.Higgins. Penalty on BAL, defensive Too numerous Men ~ above Field, 5 yards, applied at BAL 42 - No Play.

There room a couple of things to keep in mind here. Firstly, the NFL rulebook mostly comes to itself v minor too-many-men infractions. Instances of more than 12 football player on the field are rare, and also in reality until very recently the punish was dubbed “Defensive 12 On-field.” Its present title is “Defensive Too countless Men top top Field,” and this appears, like everything else, to it is in the error of the Buffalo Bills.

In December 2017, the Bills, like the Ravens, and, ns think, otherwise unique in NFL history, were captured with 15 guys on the field:

Unfortunately, the referees then had to announce to everyone the the flag castle threw was for the Bills having 12 on the field. This probably made them feel pretty silly*, together though they were incapable the counting past a dozen, and lo and behold, the name of the punish was adjusted for the following season.

*Maybe no as silly as the Bills, who somehow controlled to allow Tom Brady to operation a four-yard sneak for the first down in spite of outnumbering the Patriots by four.

Personally ns think it’s really funny that the Ravens are, somehow, not the first NFL team to have 15 football player on the ar at once. In fact, the receipt play can be even an ext egregious, due to the fact that they had actually 13 football player in formation and also two top to the sidelines against Baltimore’s 12 and 3. At any type of rate, these room both superior violations the the rules. Because it’s a 5-yard penalty no matter what, however, why no stuff as plenty of players as possible out there. 15? Pfft. Shot 50 following time (please perform not perform this, Mike).

The 2nd impressively strange thing around this pat is the the referees completely failed to notification the fact that 15 Baltimore players to be on the field at the same time. This to be the last play of the third quarter in a pretty close video game (the Ravens to be up 34-20 in ~ this point), and you’d think they’d have actually been paying an ext attention. However nope. It take it a coach’s difficulty from the Browns come overturn the unkindness and also get castle to do the ideal call.

While lacking one extra player might be regarded as a misfortune, to lose 4 takes on the figure of bald negligence. But, I’ll speak this in the referees’ defense: i have spent lot of mine last pair of mainly homeschooling a four-year-old, and also have learned the counting is hard! It’s particularly hard as soon as you’re both on the clock and confronted v an inexplicable situation. Nobody in their ideal mind would be looking for the Ravens to have 15 defensive players ~ above the ar at once. Granted, castle ought to have actually been trying to find ‘more than 11’, yet our brains often tend to cope badly with the unexpected. The an awkward mistake, but, hey, we’ve every goofed, and also I, because that one, setup to goof again.

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Speaking the brains and counting, one interesting thing about the method we count is the it appears to be totally different for very little numbers and everything else. We appear to have the ability to recognize some amounts — up to 4 or five — instantaneously, in a process called ‘subitizing,’ if counting numbers bigger than the requires active focus and also attention. They’re entirely different psychological mechanisms.

an additional interesting counting fact comes from the animal kingdom. In On the Senses, Instincts, and also Intelligence that Animals, Sir john Lubbock recollects the following story that bird intelligence:

In this example, a landowner had been fairly bothered by a crow that had chosen to swarm in his watch-house. He had planned to shoot it. The bird, however, would fly away and also wait till the landowner had left to go back to its swarm inside the watch-house, offered that no-one would be inside to shoot it. In bespeak to cheat the bird, the landowner had actually two people enter the watch-house and also one leave. The crow, however, was no deceived by the plot, even when 3 men had entered and also two had actually left. It wasn’t until 5 men had entered the tower and also four had actually left the the bird did ultimately fly back inside the watch-house. The crow hence showed a specific numerical capability to counting up till four however not 5 .

In other words, corvids have the right to count and also remember small numbers. However they absolutely can’t counting to 15 (and it seems unlikely that they even have a ide for 15). Possibly the Ravens want to honor their namesakes?