1908-9 Washington-Franklin twin Line Watermark Perforated 12In 1908 the article Office adjusted the style of its regular worry stamps once again. Collectors refer to the critical stamps the 1908-22 collectively as "Washington-Franklins." friend will likewise find the stamps dubbed the "Third office Issue." The new designs were simpler. They provided only 2 portraits and all stamps had identical frames. The new, simpler, approach was intended to make production easier. In ~ the same, the write-up Office started to experiment through a range of papers, perforations, and watermarking combinations in an initiative to come at stamps that were more resilient to storage and also weather, easier for client to handle and separate, and also secure indigenous counterfeiting. These experiments led to a substantial assortment the collectible sport - in every collectors recognize more than 300 arrays of Washington-Franklin era stamps.

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1 cent Franklin green$10.75$0.40
2 cent Washington carmine$9.50$0.40
3 cent Washington deep violet$52.50$2.85
4 cent Washington orange brown$65.00$1.40
5 cent Washington blue$80.00$2.50
6 cent Washington red orange$95.00$6.00
8 cent Washington olive green$75.00$2.75
10 cent Washington yellow$105.00$1.75
13 cent Washington blue green$63.50$25.00
15 cent Washington ultramarine$87.50$6.25
50 cent Washington violet$435.00$19.50
1 dollar Washington violet brown$675.00$85.00

1908-09 Imperforate double Line Watermark

The 1908-09 imperforate stamps were created for private firms that subsequently used the imperforate stamps to manufacture coil stamps the were issued via vending machines. The distinctive separations discovered on these stamps are referred to as private perforations and they room usually deadline to their manufacturer such as Schermack or Brinkerhoff.

1 cent Franklin green$6.50$5.00
2 cent Washington carmine$9.75$3.00
3 cent Deep violet$20.00$19.50
4 cent Orange brown$30.00$23.50
5 cent Blue$50.00$37.50

1908-10 Coil double Line Watermark Perforated 12 Horizontal
1 cent Franklin green$55.00$37.50
2 cent Washington carmine$95.00$60.00
4 cent Orange brown$225.00$150.00
5 cent Blue$240.00$185.00

1909 Coil double Line Watermark Perforated 12 upright
1 cent Franklin green$130.00$130.00
2 cent Washington carmine$130.00$80.00
4 cent Orange brown$315.00$200.00
5 cent Blue$335.00$225.00

1909 dual Line Watermark Blue record
1 cent Franklin green$130.00$90.00
2 cent Washington carmine$130.00$90.00

1909 Commemoratives

1909 saw several an extremely popular commemorative collection issued. A little size rubber stamp celebrating the 100th anniversary that Abraham Lincoln’s bear was based on a statue by Augustus St. Gaudens. The Alaska-Yukon worry featured wilhelm Seward who had actually negotiated the purchase of Alaska. The Hudson-Fulton issue recognized the 300th anniversary the Henry Hudson learning the Hudson River.


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2 cent Lincoln Perforated 12$9.75$1.85
2 cent Lincoln Imperforate$27.50$21.75
2 cent Lincoln Bluish paper$295.00$250.00
2 cent Alaska-Yukon william H. Seward Perforated 12$12.75$1.95
2 cent Alaska-Yukon william H. Seward Imperforate$32.75$22.50
2 cent Hudson-Fulton Perforated 12$16.00$4.25
2 cent Hudson-Fulton Imperforate$39.50$26.50

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These prices for U.S. Stamps are noted as a organization to stclairdrake.net readers. Lock are obtained from many sources such as dealer price lists, advertisements in philatelic publications, and public auction results. Usage these stclairdrake.net as a pointer for evaluating the reasonableness of dealer prices, setting up trades with other collectors, and also estimating the worth of her collection. The value of one individual stamp is dependency on its centering and also condition. The prices provided here space for well centered, undamaged stamps. A specifically nice example might sell for much more than the quantity listed, while a negative copy might be precious less.

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