1975-1976, 1978-1979, 1981-1982, 1984-1995 Toyota Pickup global Speedometer Cable consist of Kit ATP YC101

The ATP Speedometer Cable main point Kit can help you fix your broken or kinked cable main point without spending a most money. Each kit includes 0.130" diameter S.A.E. / O.E.M. Conventional multi-coiled cable cable v squared end, a universal metal tip, and also spacer washer. Cut cable end to wanted length and attach guideline using staking device (included). The overall length that the ATP cable main point is 120".Please verify the your original cable core is 0.130" diameter (or slightly larger) and also has the same.. (more)


Speedometer cables connect the speedometer come the transmission. Old cables deserve to bind, break, or just come to be sluggish. The finest repair is to change the old cable through a brand-new one. ATP Speedometer cables space designed come fit and role just prefer the original component to ensure durability and also long life.

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Why you drive her Pickup.

Your Toyota dealership isn"t the only place to buy the best parts to repair her Pickup. Anyone who operates a Toyota knows that as soon as it comes to repairing their car, truck, or SUV only the most superior replacement components will do. The automobile in her driveway symbolizes the ideal in course compared to every the various other cars, trucks, and SUVs ~ above the roadway today. It"s no all the moment that friend realize that you have to buy a replacement Speedometer Cable to fix your automobile.

Why Speedometer Cable instead of is therefore important.

Everyone knows the your speedometer doesn"t improve the performance of her vehicle, yet you can certainly say it improves your odds of preventing you from gaining a speeding ticket in her Toyota Pickup. The part that drives your gauge is a speedometer cable, and also it supplies an output shaft and also gear turn on peak of the transmission to turn the cable. That rate is then relayed to the gauge via one electromagnetic current, and you recognize how fast you space traveling. Do the for sure decision and also replace that broken Toyota Pickup speedometer cable ASAP.

There"s no factor to delay... Buy your replacements ideal now.

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