Those switches dont fail that often more then most likely your low on ac charge what is your low side push reading? are the press switch for the waiting conditioner system.Check out the diagrams (Below)Please run some tests and also get back to us.Cheers


Two troubles with the it quiet wont punch cold air and its dangerous to perform that because thats a safety device. Why would you desire to perform that?

girlfriend shouldnt have to jump it come refill the I have actually never had to perform that to refill it start it up through the ac on when there is sufficient charge in the system the ac clutch will kick on and suck the remainder in. To trust me you especially dont want to fee the mechanism with the move bypassed v a have the right to of ac charge in your hand. If because that some factor the pressure rose also high and also ac was able to kick off. That can could kill or injury you.
i m really sorry for delay but had actually dental work and also u recognize bu t obtained system fee without needing to jump low push switch. Many thanks again.
If I know your advice correctly, if ns attempt to add refrigerant come this AC system while the compressor is not running, it will certainly actually take the freon right into the system and also bring the pressure up until it is in the proper selection for the compressor to kick in? ns was under the impression that you had actually to run the low press switch (which is various on this models) to reason the compressor to run so the the short side would produce the suction important to pull the freon in.If mine clarification question is accurate, what is the minimum pressure required for these compressors to absent in?
You have to never have to bypass the press switch it is a safety maker and wouldnt desire that not functioning while charging the system. If you put enough charge in the press will turn the compressor on to aid suck the reset of the fee in. Iam not sure of the precise pressure to revolve it on I would say roughly 60psi.
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