The blower motor for ac and heater keeps running on high also after turning off climate control and speed controller because that fan.The only means I deserve to turn it turn off is by pulling the fuse because that blower motor.I tried pulling fuse for climate control but it walk not turn off fan or reset anything.Just to clarify pan does rotate off as soon as the car is closeup of the door off.Any assist would be appreciated.Thanks



classic blower motor resistor issuethese have to help ... Mit=Search


My "99 Intrepid to be doing something different, however it was also a resistor issue. The blower was crapping out as well, so I replaced the resistor and also blower in ~ the exact same time. It"s chop under there, however I to be a self-professed noob DIY guy, and also I might do it. Conserve a chunk of change with a supplied blower motor and also resistor indigenous eBay. Together I recall, mine resistor was additionally around $50, however it was a brand-new Mopar part. It"s been working great ... My child is steering the Trep now. Great luck!
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Just be aware that there room two varieties of that module depending on if you have actually MTC or ATC. The ATC one costs a bunch much more than the MTC one.

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Thanks because that the entry guys.I will let you know what I discover when I acquire a opportunity to look at it.Hopefully this weekend.Thanks again
My 99 has this problem once in a blue moon, and I have uncovered that if you vacuum the slotted locations on the dash console area that gets rid of dust and also dirt the has worked its way in there, and then the system functions perfectly again. Offer it a shot and watch if the helps.
miska_man wrote:I recommend among these together a replacement. ... 975wt_1186I simply received mine from this guys. Ordered it critical Friday and also got the this Monday. Currently to contort my human body to obtain to it.
Just mounted the new HD resistor and everything is earlier to normal.Thanks for every one of your help,much appreciated.

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Chrysler1924 wrote:Does the HD resistor use to the ATC unit? Or simply the hand-operated climate regulate panel?The strength modules because that both ATC and MTC are situated in the same ar in the HVAC unit - the large black plastic thing placed on the firewall in front of the prior passenger"s feet. The hefty duty ones are for ATC ones only. FYI - 300M"s have ATC - none have MTC.
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My 1999 300M blower motor started running all the moment & can not be turned off.I walk the diagnostic test, the shown flashed & air was blowing the end of the various vents. As soon as completed the display showed 75 degrees Manual. No codes were displayed. Ns ran the test several times & no difference.But I"ll presume an ATC blower module is walk to be needed. The module that shows up a lot of looks favor this one. ... 1187431771However analysis through the forum there is an older thread which mentions a hefty duty module. Because that subject is old for this reason is the connect to the ebay items mentioned. The hefty duty module in the old ebay attach looks similar but has 2 power transistors mounted on the warmth sink.The module I connected to does not present the transistors, but then it just shows one side. And all the ones the I currently find present no transistors, however I"m certain they"re what inside.Is anyone familiar with the various versions & i m sorry one is older? If the more recent model has internal transistors can it be even much more heavy duty? IOW perhaps Chrysler learned to do the brand-new module an ext rugged.Any details to assist decide what ns should acquire would be appreciated.Thanks