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I bought some NGK twin electrod spark plugs. Ns going to change them myself because that the first time (wish me luck)!! from reading previous threads and also my manuel, the void distance have to 1.1mm. The male at the component store told me they were currently pre-gapped to the exactly spec. Is this true? Or perform I have to readjust them accordingly? :shrug:
They can be "pregapped" yet you will have actually to check them anyway because you can"t it is in sure. Space is favor you said 1.1mm or .043 in. list and also performance numbersSmokin!!!Pics
The man at the component store told me castle were already pre-gapped come the correct spec. Is this true? Or carry out I have to readjust them accordingly? :shrug:

I bought some NGK dual electrod spark plugs. Ns going to adjust them myself for the very first time (wish me luck)!! indigenous reading past threads and also my manuel, the space distance must 1.1mm. The man at the part store said me castle were currently pre-gapped come the correct spec. Is this true? Or do I have to adjust them accordingly? :shrug:
Just a please reminder...The bolts that organize down the ignition coils have the right to be sheared really easily during installation. Toyota only wants 69 in. Lbs. Of talk on those! an excellent luck :waytogo:


The certain best method is to buy the stock Denso plugs from Toyota and also screw them in. They room pre-gapped correctly and also work well.
"Half the world is composed of idiots, the other half smart enough to take it indecent benefit of them"

"Half the world is composed of idiots, the other fifty percent smart sufficient to take it indecent advantage of them"
i just set up my NGK"s with dual electrodes.....the male at napa also said they were pregapped.i confirm (eyeballed) them and they were every gapped around same........however i did not have a dual electrode gapper to obtain the actual gap.the share denso"s i pulled the end did have a significantly more comprehensive gap then the ngk"s. Ns asked mine neighbor if i have to widen the void on the NGK"s and he said if lock come pregapped and also all have actually the same space i need to be ok.Nonetheless, i usage to have actually a stormy idle with the denso"s and also now v the "pregapped" ngk"s the unstable idle has actually seemed come dissappear.just my 2 cents

NGK"s work GREAT!!!!! however not for lengthy for 2$ each i adjust them every other oil changeWOW you guys run a large Gapi only run 23 thousandths it is what mine nitrous male told me to run
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So i can"t seem to get the NGKs or the Denso plugs at any kind of of the auto parts stores. I have already installed the not correct Autolite ones since the knuckle head at Napa claimed they were the right ones. Now I gained the double ground ones from Kragen and again lock didn"t have actually the 2 prefered plugs. I have actually the Bosh ones instead. They to speak they are pregapped yet I measured the gap and it is really small. Ns am not sure how they measure up the gaps however they room no where near .043. I perform not want to placed these in and waste an additional $30.00 if they space not going to work. I already have one cyclinder misfiring after I installed the not correct plugs the an initial time. Therefore what gives? should I return these and search the edge of the world to discover some NGK or Denso plugs? I simply want the van to be to run on all 6 cyclinders again.