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My engine light has actually been on for a while and the Blazer is running yes, really hard, stalling, poor gas purpose of use & smell, no strength up hills, surges and also black soot looking ingredient on the soil after us let it warmth up.I to took it in and also go the codes on it. P113 poor switchingP300 arbitrarily Cyl. Misfire detectedPO401 inadequate EGR flow detectedPO172 fuel system too rich bankThese codes might not it is in correct, there to be 2 others however I could not check out his writing. He believed that by cleaning the EGR the would resolve it since they to be all connected together. I took the in in january 04 and also had every one of this replaced on it:Cap rotorSpark plugs & wiresFuel filterPVC valveU-JointWiper contron circuit boardO2 sensorAfter I had it functioned on that ran favor a gem till around a month earlier when the light come on and started blinking, then soon after it started running rough. We put high octane gas & fuel injector cleaner in it numerous times and it helps yet still rough. Should it it is in running favor this if i just had it functioned on? and also is he correct the cleaning the EGR will fix it?Any suggestions would certainly be significantly appreciated.Thanks Jessica
The onboard computer monitors a many thing walking on, from engine operating temp to fuel pressure. When it is blinking, that is serious. Gain thee come a Chevy dealer
Make design year engine??? That work was done practically a YEAR ago.Blinking irradiate is bad REAL poor you are doing emission parts damage
Make version year engine??? That job-related was done nearly a YEAR ago.Blinking light is poor REAL poor you space doing emission components damageIt is a 95 Chevy Blazer ns am not sure around the engine. The irradiate was only blinking as soon as it idles however today it began blinking once I started down the road. I have an meeting to put it in the shop Tues. The 28th. Can I journey it blinking? it is our just vehicle and we need to drive a 60 mile round trip to work.
If it to be mine I would not drive it come much. A blinking examine engine lite method unburnt fuel is going into the cat convertor and that will burn it the end fast.
A.) Sounds favor the injector or inner nut kit is leaking. Bank PO172 fuel device too rich bank leads me to think the nut kit has actually sprung a leak.b.) IAT Sensor is defective P0113 is because that a negative IAT sensor.c.) EGR Vlave is defective and is no opening up.
Fireplug is right, a flash service engine quickly light on one OBD-II auto is typically a misfire condition, i m sorry will lead to unburt fuel beginning the cat and also can melt the insides that the cat come the suggest it could restrict exhaust flow.

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True, yet a cat is not causing every one of this.Something is producing this problem and I think it is the CPI and nut kit.