The VSS in your Silverado provides vital information because that the ECM to effectively balance and control number of engine functions.

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This article applies to the Chevrolet Silverado GMT800 (1999-2006).

A automobile speed sensor (VSS) transmits the carry case, transaxle, and/or wheel speed to the truck"s electronic regulate module (ECM). The on-board computer system then uses this information to transform various engine and transmission functions, such as ignition timing, air-to-fuel mixture, and transmission transition points.

If her Silverado"s brakes are stiffer 보다 normal, the transmission is sluggish to engage, the overdrive irradiate blinks on and off, the speedometer falls short or behaves erratically, or the check engine light turns on, climate the vehicle speed sensor (VSS) may have stopped working.

You have the right to make certain that the VSS is the root cause of this symptoms by pulling her truck"s trouble codes. Auto shops sell to pull problem codes for free, or if you have an OBD scan tool, climate you have the right to do the yourself. When you"ve made certain the VSS needs a replacement, follow the steps below to do it yourself.

Figure 1. Ar of the VSS.

Raising your truck is not important to complete this DIY job, yet you deserve to do so because that extra work-related space. Follow the link listed below to learn exactly how to properly jack up her Chevrolet Silverado.

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Step 1 – eliminate the old VSS

The VSS is situated on the front passenger"s side of the transport case.Pull earlier on the metal clip as well as the black wire exploit connector, and also then pull it right out.Figure 2. Pull back on steel clip.Use a 19mm wrench to loosen the VSS.Figure 3. Loosen the VSS.Unscrew and remove the VSS by hand.Then, eliminate the old O-ring within the VSS port.Figure 4. Remove the VSS.
Figure 5. Remove the O-ring.

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Step 2 – install the brand-new VSS

Thread in the brand-new VSS by hand. A brand-new O-ring should currently be attached come the VSS.Use the 19mm wrench come tighten the VSS to a snug fit.Plug in the wire harness connector to the VSS, and make certain you listen the clip snap into place.Figure 6. Compare of old (left) and brand-new (right) VSS.

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