This can be a failing pump, leaking bag, a negative sensor or corroded/shorted wiring or connector.Your fuses room obviously o.K, otherwise the pump wouldn't come on at all. So start by checking all of your wiring and connectors. Look because that wiring the is frayed/burned/loose, etc. (Including the tubing leading from the pump come the shocks) If the vehicle doesn't lean or squat come one side it may be the valving in the compressor no holding, if it to be one bag it would certainly leanThen if all of this checks out, check the sensors, then the pump itself. (To inspect the pump, bypass the circuit with direct bat voltage and see if the pump runs continuously. But do no run it for long. Just a couple of seconds. If it runs at your command, then it's O.K.)

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V8 former wheel drive automatic 60,555 miles. I acquire a "check ride control" error on begin up. Ns hear the compressor operation for around five secs then stop at the time error appears.

friend will require to have actually the air ride system scanned because that the error code, it will tell you whereby to begin.

I have actually a 1997 continental which only has actually the air ride suspension in the rear. The rubber air ride bags will dry rot after a while and also leak air. After ~ the compressor do the efforts to fill the waiting ride bags and also fails to perform so it will give you an error. I replaced the wait bags with springs which ns bought on-line from Strut master for around $200.00. You have the right to replace the air bags yourself or have actually a garage execute it for around $200.00 and you will certainly never have to worry about the wait ride mechanism again. My ride is actually much better with the springs than v the air ride system.

All that is true, if the wait springs space the problem. If that is simply a solenoid, $400.00 is a tad expensive!

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The air ride bags are only rated for four to five years the service and also then are recommended to be replaced because of dried rot. The compressor and also air dryer should also be replaced because of punch by native the compressor cylinder ring attract out, think of all the time the compressor needs to run end a four to 5 year time. You can replace the waiting ride bags for around $120.00 each, the compressor and air dryer will price in the $150.00 range also. If you replace the waiting ride mechanism it will cost in the $390.00 range and climate if you space not comfortable you will have to pay a mechanic to replace the components also which is much more expensive than the feather option. If it is really just the solenoid valves, in one or two years girlfriend will need to replace the wait bags anyway. Would not the $200.00 springs and the $200.00 mechanic installation it is in cheaper over the lengthy haul as soon as you would not have actually to ever worry around the suspension device again?