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Hi,On my 2000 Nissan Altima the organization Engine quickly Light go on. Ns took my auto to Autozone to have actually them check out the codes. Yet surprisingly no code proved up, it was just showing a "0". The irradiate is still on. Have the right to somebody please define me what can this possibly mean? I have actually tightened the fuel cap and driven because that a while however still the irradiate is on. Any kind of feedback appreciated!ThanksAmit
Hi,On mine 2000 Nissan Altima the organization Engine shortly Light went on. Ns took my automobile to Autozone to have them read the codes. Yet surprisingly no code confirmed up, that was simply showing a "0". The light is quiet on. Have the right to somebody please explain me what might this perhaps mean? I have actually tightened the fuel cap and also driven for a while yet still the light is on. Any kind of feedback appreciated!ThanksAmit
The "service engine soon" light can be any variety of things. The is simply a warning light the is letting you recognize there is a problem. You may want your local dealer to take a look with the above to inspect things out.
What type of Mileage execute u have actually on ur altima, i have actually one with 75k and also had a comparable problem of the business engine irradiate coming on however there would certainly not be a code to review to view what the difficulty was. Ns was back and forth to midas for a week till the mechanic asked me if he might put the on the lift and also have a look in ~ the evap system, which basically reads your exhaust fumes and also sends a report ago to the ECU, also if u have actually a very little leak in the entirety system it will not make the best vacumm pressure and also trigger a engine code, the catch is my automobile would only cause the code v no pattern, just really sporatic in as soon as it would desire to come on and also off, just a suggestion, expect it helps
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I simply bought a used 2000 altima. I noticed the engine light to be i took it to the dealer. They checked it and said there to be no castle reset the light. They claimed if it comes ago on, a catalyc converter is needed..and the did come currently i"m gonna walk back.

A zero could mean the the fuse come the ECU or the diagnostic harbor is blown. Check that and if every little thing is good then take it it to an additional store or better yet the dealer because the "consult" is by much a better diagnostic than the basic code scanner. It is even feasible that the human or the scan tool were not working correctly.Troy
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