The short coolant light continues to be on. The coolant reservoir is full and the radiator is full. Where is the short coolant sensor located? i looked to check out if the was located at the reservoir yet I can't discover it. The light is a large pain.

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Hello, the coolant level sensor is in the reservoir here is a video clip on how to adjust it ~ above a comparable car v a diagrams below to show you on your car. the end the diagrams (Below). Please let us recognize if you require anything rather to gain the trouble fixed.Cheers

Why does my short coolant light come on after ~ I have been steering awhile. Over there is no leaks and also coolant reservoir is full.

low Cooland Warning Light comes on after ~ startup, usually goes the end after steering 3 miles, but lately coming on after ~ I have actually been control ten or therefore miles. (Engine is warm).Have had the sensors replaced three times by BUICK dealership, brand-new water pump, and also radiator flushed at around 100,000 miles. Now it is doing it again. Coolant level and also water level is fine. No leakage noticeable. What is the problem. Ns have already spent a an excellent deal of money on this problem.
take it it back to the dealer. Ns wouldn"t salary them to not deal with my problem. Simple, you paid them, they have to fix. Take it ago to them and insist that be done at their expense. After every you currently paid them.
I have only had actually this car around a week. Even throughout the check drive, the low coolant light would flash on and off. I additionally noticed that the vehicle heats up a bit more than that should. Up to the fifty percent way note or simply a hair over. I have actually replaced the radiator lid (seals were deteriorated). The hoses (even once the vehicle is running) don"t seem like they are totally pressurized. Is it feasible I have actually a poor water pump, and also if so, can that cause my low coolant irradiate to illuminate due to the lack of pressurized flow through the system? The car does run a bit rough now and also again, and also is sometimes tough to start. Yet the coolant level and overflow reservoir are full to their specified levels. Over there is no coolant in the oil, and also I am no smelling any through the exhaust. Please help! thank you.
I would suspect the level indicator is causing the irradiate to come on. The engine coolant level indicator in located on the passenger side of radiator and the only fix is replacement. Theses engines have actually a background of having lower entry gasket leaking. Together for testing, special tools are essential to push test the cooling device for leaks or the radiator lid to ensure the system is sealed so the system have the right to maintain operation temperature (which additionally raises the boiling suggest in a sealed system).Make certain nothing is prevent the radiator restricting air flow. Start with the level indicator sensor my source calls the a "engine coolant level indicator module".
short coolant light on with high coolant level, engine temperature shows raising fast also just drive for 1 miledoes the automobile have major coolant leak or something? thank you!
If friend don"t have an actual leak and the temperature gauge going come the hazard zone-find the thermostat and replace it, climate comeback for more when required
The low coolant light come on and goes off. The resorvoir is full. I perform not see any type of leaks under the car. The engine temp is cool.
i would check the short coolant level sensor. Occasionally if the irradiate is on you can tap the sensor. If the irradiate goes the end you require to change the sensor.
that is situated on the radiator just listed below the filler neck. Should have a 3 wire connector and also its cliped ~ above the radiator
Engine Cooling problem2001 Buick Century 6 cyl 2 Wheel drive Automatic 94, ooo milesYou answered my question about the "poop" in thecooling sustem, however what I"m really came to is theLow coolant light will not walk off even when drivingafter good warmup. The device is no low ~ above water.It does no overheat even in this texas heat. Would the light go off if the system was purged as yousuggested for the poop
I have the exact same problem, i drove with anti-leak (or as you contact it "poop") for 6 month without discovering that it was there, ns belive it messed up my sensor and now the irradiate wont protect against flashing. Ns did obtain everythnig flushed and nicely cleaned though. ~ that i just ignore it.
Don"t confuse the low coolant light v an overheating light. They space not the same. Make sure the radiator itself is not low top top coolant.
My short coolant light come off and on however I have coolant in there the automobile is no heating up. I had the radiator flushed around 6 months earlier and the water pump readjusted 2 weeks after ~ that. Mine air conditioner heater does not work so my mechanic solved it so the cold air would not come the end right now in the winter. Warm air does come out a little sometimes also if the heater is no turned on. The car gauge is not showing that the vehicle is heating up. I simply 3 days ago had the coolant sensor adjusted 2 job no light yet now the light came back on. The mechanic confirmed me that there was a little thick goo in the sensor. What to do now
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