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This has been a difficulty for a while for me. In the glovebox the relay the controls the turn signals/flashers consistantly clicks. That will only stop when the brake is applied. Otherwise its always clicking. I"ve changed the relay and had no luck. Any type of ideas?
Oh no... I have actually a feeling you"re all set to trade off her blazer . I"ve never ever actually seen this trouble myself, however 3 other people have posted around it lately and they all couldn"t fix it and also just traded their truck off.It sounds choose it must be a reasonably common problem, however the only thing I might think the is to inspect the flasher, and also just together a test, shot putting your emergency flashers on, and also see if the click matches the emergency flasher blinking. I have actually a emotion that it has actually something to carry out with the emergency flashers, because they avoid flashing as soon as you hit your brakes. Do every one of your lights and also turn signals and also everything work?DogP
Oh... I just did a search for it... Someone claimed they have actually a 98 Jimmy and also if castle play with the revolve signal lever enough, it stop clicking... For this reason he think it"s in that lever... And also someone else stated they have actually a 98 blazer and also if they traction the lever slightly toward them while pushing up or under it blinks faster... So maybe you should pull the bar out and shot to clean the contacts...DogP
Heh... Me again... Check out this link... Http:// ... Maybe you have the right to fix it instead of having actually to to buy a brand-new one, otherwise, the sounds choose you"ll need to buy a new (or one indigenous a junk yard) turn signal wand thing...DogP
Hi All, I have the same difficulty with mine "99 S10 Trailblazer. Haven"t readjusted the flasher yet, but, it"s been my endure that they either occupational or the don"t - intermittant clicking, fast, sluggish or otherwise, appears to point somewhere else. The steering obelisk contacts sounds prefer a good suggestion. Has actually anyone tried to solve this because that themselves yet? that looks choose something the dealer would love to (over)charge for.
sorry I understand this is one old thread but, this freaken relay clicking is driving me insane...... What is a multi switch? are you talking around the rotate signal wand????

sorry I recognize this is one old object but, this freaken relay click is control me insane...... What is a multi switch? room you talking about the rotate signal wand????
1999 Chevy Blazer 4x4 4Dr, Mods: Cowl hood,K&N panel filter,Flowmaster 40 series,Dual 3" Magnaflow stainless tips, 200 Amp CS-144 altStereo: HU: Kenwood MP635, Sub: "08 KICKER 18"" Solo X Amp: Kicker ZX2500.1Front speakers:Kicker RS65.2"s,Amp:Kicker ZX650.4. See connect for audio progress :racing:

got a 2000 blazer s-10.....same issue constant blinking through no well-known light problem. The lights do role when the rotate sig is turned on. Clicking continues when off.crazy as heck....replaced the flasher relay...but same worry exists simply quieter now.ill look at the multi switch...but I have no idea just how the flasher keeps going as soon as there is no recognized outlet come ground thru a bulb??? male that is funky.

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