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I recently took mine 01 Dakota 4x2 3.9L come a shop to replace the oil pump. They case that they didn"t have to disconnect the exhaust to perform it, so i am skeptical whether or not they actually did the work. Deserve to someone you re welcome tell me if it feasible to remove the oil pan without disconnecting the exhaust first?Thanks

they can leave the manifolds connected and disconnect the Y pipe. Its 2 bolts on each side.Why would certainly you salary all the labor to just replace the oil pump??
I watch no indication that the the pipes have been disconencted. The bolts room all rusty and have never ever been removed. Same with the exhaust manifolds. Bolts haven"t been touched.I payment the shop to do it because I didn"t want to attend to drilling out broken exhaust bolts, and also I don"t really have actually the framework to carry out that sort of work.

Im not sure if the 3.9 oil pan interferes through the crossmember... But if the doesnt... Climate there is no have to disconnect the exhaust. What symptoms to be the truck giving to indicate a failed oil pump?

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I suspect the oil pump since I don"t get really high oil pressure once driving, and when the is warmth at idle the press drops and the idiot light would come on. The manufacturing facility gauge only has 2 point out on it, high and also low. Anytime the RPM is above 1K the needle rests top top the lowest mark. In ~ idle that drops to 0.Before ns took it come the shop i was plan on doing the work myself. I"ve only had this truck for 3 weeks and it is the an initial MOPAR product i have ever before owned or functioned on. Therefore I review up ~ above the process as much as possible on the court (didn"t eally find much) and also I likewise have subscription to the company manual top top Every procedure i read, including in mine Chilton"s manual, says the exhaust demands to be disconnected and the engine raised. I also jacked up the truck and scoped the end the instance to watch if that looked choose I"d be able to get the oil pan off without removing the exhaust. The engine definatley demands to be elevated so the pan will certainly clear the crossmember, however I don"t see exactly how it might be raised sufficient without disconnecting the exhaust. I would imagine that if the engine was raised sufficient to gain the pan off without removing the exhaust, that the exhaust pipe would obtain bent and/or the cats or O2 sensors would be crushed versus the firewall. The exhaust doesn"t appear to it is in bent and also the cats and O2 sensors don"t show up to be visibly damaged. That"s why I"m skeptical about whether or not the work-related was actually done at all.Since the time I"ve set up a mechanical press gauge. During normal use when warm the push is around 25psi and at idle drops to 0. The gauge just reads in increments of 25 with marks in between. I"ts a cheap gauge so i guess the pressure can actaully be roughly 4 come 6 psi in ~ idle, but since it shows up to it is in on 0 I have to assume that is.Also, the job after I acquired the trucl back from the shop (I know, this could be a full coincidence) the MIL came on. Autozone stated it has a P0442 password which shows a leaking or non-functionaing EVAP. It likewise doesn"t have actually as lot power as it did prior to I to reduce it turn off at the shop. The more I drive it the more sluggish that gets. I have the right to hold the pedal down and it accelerates very slowly. Nearly like a exhausted 4 cyl. Now I"m walking to check the fuel pressure and vacuum.Sorry because that the long post but I assumed I"d re-superstructure the whole experience for this reason far. Thanks for the replies TurboBlew.