If you experience troubles with her Ford F-150 or at sight Duty"s performance, you can be looking in ~ a negative crankshaft place sensor. Haynes Manuals shows you how to replace the crankshaft position sensor yourself.

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This article applies to the Ford F-150 (2004-2014) and also the F-250, F-350 super Duty (2005-2014).

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A crankshaft position sensor sends out information around the position of the crankshaft in your Ford F-150 or supervisor Duty van to the Powertrain manage Module (PCM). Indicators of a negative crankshaft position sensor include problems beginning the engine as soon as it’s cold outside, acceleration issues, loss of power, and also poor fuel mileage.

On the 4.2L V6 engine, the sensor is located above the crankshaft sheave on the timing chain cover. ~ above 4.6L and also 5.4L V8 engines, it"s located on the right reduced side the the time chain cover, behind the air conditioning compressor.


Materials NeededCrankshaft position sensor1/2 inch drive ratchet or breaker bar (V8 models only)Rachet, extension and socket to fit crankshaft position sensor bolt(s)Socket to fit A/C compressor bolts (V8 models only)

Step 1 - remove the drivebelt (V8 models only)

Push the square drive of a ratchet or breaker bar right into the feet at the end of the drivebelt tensioner arm. Revolve the tensioner clockwise come release tension on the belt, climate slip the belt off of the air conditioning compressor pulley.


Figure 1. Rotating the drivebelt tensioner (V8 models)

Step 2 - move compressor out of the means (V8 models only)

Remove the air conditioning compressor mounting bolts and also reposition the compressor come the side, supporting it through a length of wire.

WARNING: The wait conditioning system is under high pressure. Execute NOT detach the refrigerant lines.

Figure 2. A/C compressor mounting bolts

Step 3 - remove the crankshaft position sensor

Disconnect the electric connector indigenous the crankshaft place sensor, then eliminate the bolt(s) and pull the sensor native the engine.


Figure 3A. Crankshaft place sensor details because that V6 engine.

1) electric Connector. 2) Sensor mounting bolts. 3) Crankshaft place sensor


Figure 3B. Crankshaft position sensor mounting bolt because that V8 engine.

Step 4 - download the brand-new sensor

Clean the sensor mounting surface, climate install the new sensor come the engine. Tighten the mounting fastener(s) to 89 inch-lbs, then reconnect the electrical connector.

Step 5 - Reinstall the a/c compressor (V8 models only)

Place the compressor into position and install the mounting bolts, tightening them come 18 ft-lbs.

Step 6 - Reinstall the drivebelt (V8 models only)

Rotate the tensioner clockwise again and also slip the belt onto the air conditioning compressor pulley-block (and make sure it is properly involved with every one of the other pulleys, too). Slowly release the tensioner and remove the ratchet or breaker bar.

Figure 4A. Drivebelt routing diagram (V8 models).

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Figure 4B. As soon as installing the belt, make sure it is focused on every one of the pulleys.

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