COP COIL check 2: Checking for Battery Power

OK, you"re here because in test 1 you acquired a NO SPARK result from among several ignition coils. The next step is to verify the that ignition coil or coils room receiving power.

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Testing because that power deserve to be accomplished by trial and error the COP coils connected or disconnected to your connectors. The method I introduce to usage is through them connected to their connectors and also with a Wire-Piercing Probe (to view what this device looks like, click here: Wire-Piercing Probe. Now, if you decision to unplug the connector to check the prior of the female terminal (of the connector) for 12 Volts, be cautious not to damages it.


Remove the Coil-On-Plug ignition coil that did no spark and also connect the HEI spark tester to it (although you"re no longer testing for spark, the spark tester have to be associated just as a safety precaution).


The two wires in the ignition coil"s connector room usually wrapped in black electrical tape (that more than likely has end up being as hard as plastic), remove sufficient of this ice to reveal the two wires for testing.


Put the multimeter in VOLTS DC mode v the ignition coil connected to the connector.


Probe the circuit labeled v the number 2 (see picture in photo viewer) with the red multimeter test command (using an suitable tool come pierce the wire).


With the black color multimeter test command probe the battery (-) an adverse terminal.


Have her helper rotate the key to the on position.You need to see 11-12 Volts on her multimeter, or if you"re making use of a test light, the check light have to light up.

Let"s take a look at what your test outcomes mean:

CASE 1: If the multimeter registered 11-12 Volts (or the test light lit up), then the strength Circuit is OK and also is delivering voltage. The next step is to test the switching Signal Circuit, walk to test 3.

CASE 2: If the multimeter DID not register 11-12 Volts (or the check light DID not light up), climate the strength circuit has actually a problem. This an outcome eliminates the COP ignition coil together the resource of the misfire condition. The power circuit is shared by every one of the COP ignition coils.

COP COIL check 3: Checking for The switching Signal

OK, you"re here due to the fact that you have shown that the ignition coil is not sparking and that 12 Volts room present. The next step is to verify the the ignition coil"s is receiving the convert signal from the fuel injection computer. We"ll be making use of an LED Light.

Testing because that the switching Signal deserve to be done v the ignition coil associated or disconnected to its connector. The technique I recommend to usage is with it associated to that connector and also with a Wire-Piercing Probe (to see what this device looks like, click here: Wire-Piercing Probe.

The other method is come unplug the COP ignition coil connector and also insert the terminals that the LED into it. If you perform it this way, make certain that every little thing size terminal friend insert right into them does not open up them up. If this happens, you space going to create yourself a significant headache.

With the Coil-On-Plug ignition coil the did no spark already removed and still associated to the HEI spark tester and also to that is connector:


Connect the black lead of the LED irradiate to the cable labeled v the number 1. Again, i recommend utilizing a wire-piercing probe to execute this, but whatever method you use, it is in careful.


Connect the red lead of the LED the battery (+) hopeful terminal.


Have her helper crank up the engine together you watch the LED Light.


The LED Light should flash on and off the whole time the engine is cranking and likewise when it ultimately starts.

Let"s take it a look at what her test results mean:

CASE 1: If the LED light flashed On and also Off, climate the convert Signal is present. This an outcome indicates the the Coil-On-Plug ignition coil on her Ford car or truck is bad and needs to be replaced.

CASE 2: If the LED irradiate DID not flash ON and also OFF. Re-check all of your connections and also repeat the test again. If quiet no flashing On and also Off, then this results eliminates the ignition coil together the source of the NO SPARK condition/misfire, because without the switching Signal the ignition coil will certainly not work.

There room several feasible causes because that this that I"ve checked out time and also time again with the most usual being: one open-circuit problem in the wire that feeds the convert Signal in between the fuel injection computer and the COP ignition coil. The second most common: A fried fuel injection computer. Although trial and error these two conditions are past the limit of this article, you have actually at least removed the ignition coil itself together the reason of the problem.

What"s The switching Signal

The ‘Switching Signal’ yes, really isn"t a physics signal, the hatchet is provided to explain how the fuel injection computer system opens and closes the primary Current"s (flowing thru" each ignition coil) course to Ground. It"s this action that makes the ignition coil fire off spark.

This ‘On/Off’ action can it is in measured so plenty of different ways and also with different varieties of diagnostic equipment. Using a LED is a simple and inexpensive method of verifying the presence of this signal.

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Why is the fuel injection computer system providing this signal and also not an ignition regulate module? Well, it"s since the ignition control module role is within the computer itself top top this kind of Ford Coil-On-Plug Ignition System. Therefore, one of the two wires in each of the ignition coil"s connector goes right the fuel injection computer, back they do not re-publishing the same circuit.