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Page 64 ... An extended period of time, contaminants may go into the lamp housings and impact performance. To replace all instrument panel lights - The exactly bulbs will not damages the lamp assembly or void the desk lamp assembly warranty and will ...bulbs instead of bulbs space clear in the chart below. LightsDo not remove desk lamp bulbs unless they will provide quality pear burn time. If a bulb is removed because that Europe to assure lamp performance, irradiate brightness and also pattern and also ...lid 161 patent plate desk lamp W5WL High-mount brakelamp 3156K prior door courtesy desk lamp 192 Map desk lamp (with one authorized "D.O.T."

Page 69 ...along v memory feature). The steering column deserve to be adjusted manually by moving the four-way rocker adjustment regulate located on the driver"s door (if equipped v the car personality features when a memory position is readjusted by moving . The telescope role is selected with the Message...down. The tilt role is pressed throughout memory recall that locks. When you remove the key, the pillar will respond come telescope in and also up and also moving the regulate toward the tool panel to manual adjustment the travel. If the steering pillar adjustment control is adjusted...

Page 100 Push and also release ashtray confront to open the fuel door. REMOVAL/INSTALLATION of ASHTRAY before removing and installing the ashtray, make sure the ignition is in the trunk. Traction up top top the instrument panel to open the fuel door.The fuel door has a hand-operated override release located in the off position, and move the floor mounted automatic...

Page 109 ... For your auto while performing this service. Locks and SecurityTo replace the battery: 1. It will certainly not turn on with the tool panel dimmer manage switch, or • any kind of door is pressed. Twist a thin coin in between the two halves of brand-new battery in the same orientation. Location the optimistic (+) side of the... To reprogram all your vehicle. Snap the 2 halves back together. Replacing lost transmitters If a far transmitter has been lost and also you would favor to remove the from your vehicle"s transmitters to the diagram inside the transmitter unit. 3.

Page 269 ... Heating and also air conditioning device ...46 HomeLink global transceiver (see Garage door opener) ...82-83, 85 Hood ...221 ns Ignition ...150, 256 removing the crucial ...174 child seats (see safety seats) ...142 Inspection/maintenance (I/M) experimentation ...257 tool panel cleaning ...217 swarm ...10 lighting increase panel and also interior ...60 J Jack ...192 positioning ...192 warehouse ...192 Jump...

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