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We have the constructed in 6 CD changer in our truck. Freshly it would not play any kind of of the CD"s that we put in it. That gives and error ~ above the former of the radio that claims "Bad Disc". I have actually tried too many of various CD"s and also they every come up wit this error in every 6 slots. Anyone ever see this before? exactly how do I settle this? THANKS.
I work at a Ford dealer and also we acquire vehicles v the 6-disc changers in almost daily!They space scrap! If you room out of warranty, then obtain an aftermarket stereo placed in.
Thanks for the response.If I placed in the aftermarket radio, exactly how does this impact the rear stereo controls? i assume castle are just dead and not functional anymore?
They will not function, however if you obtain a great enough sound mechanism in that, then you will certainly not listen the human being in the ago complain

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