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I"m having an problem with my revolve signal relay clicking recently. I would be driving and every one of a suddenly it will begin clicking fast, yet the turn signals aren"t on. I"ve currently replaced the flasher relay button in the dash, and also it didn"t prevent the clicking. The turn signal occupational fine, however i"ve i found it that v the old button, the left turn signals would certainly come top top if i thrust it fifty percent way. Currently with the new switch, the ideal turn signal come on if i press it half way. The hazards and turn signals all job-related like normal, however this cursed clicking is annoying! My next guess would be the turn signal stalk. Any kind of other takers ~ above this issue?
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If friend have currently replaced the rotate signal relay, I extremely suspect that is the revolve signal stalk. I"ve replaced them in both mine Audi A6 Avant and B5.5 Passat (both use the exact same switch together the Mk4) and also it quit the click immediately. I tried come lubricate and also clean the old switch, it worked for a little while, however then the clicking came earlier again. I also tried to take it one apart and clean things, yet the contacts were simply worn out... Http://

Hmm mine simply started doint it yesterday... Is over there a way to examine it first before buying either a rotate signal switch or a flasher? I fairly not it is in guessing. Thanks
Unfortunately that is common for both of them to walk bad, so sorting the end which one is a bit difficult. I (like most), replaced the peril / signal relay first, probably because it was less expensive. If you occur to understand someone with a preventive relay, you might test it before going come the turn signal stalk.
Mines to be doing this for years, I"ve jsut become numb come it...untill about once a week where it go on a click binge, I find beating the steering wheel helps
just checked. I think ns migh have had too much so i drained some. Thanks :sly: new switch that is then

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There room basically three turn signal issues: 1 - rotate signals blink 2x quick (usually top top one side). This is typically a burnt out bulb or a negative connection on the next that"s blinking fast. Examine the bulbs and also sockets. 2 - revolve signals execute not flash or avoid after a pair of flashes. This is normally the flasher relay, i m sorry is part of the danger switch. Change the peril switch. The part was recalled on some earlier cars, so obtain your VIN and also check through your dealer first. 3 - arbitrarily clicking noises coming from the danger switch/flasher relay even though the signals are not on. This is typically the switch on the steering column. The leaks a tiny amount of electrical energy to the peril switch/flasher relay, which causes it come click. Shot cleaning the contacts in the switch or replace the switch. The risk switch/flasher relays execute go bad a lot, yet the symptom is #2, no #3. Because that #3 a many of people start by instead of the risk switch, yet it never seems to solve the problem.