Performing all scheduled and also recommended maintain on your Saturn car is command to keeping it running well, for this reason you can avoid the numerous untimely, inconvenient, and also possibly high-quality repairs that come from neglect. Luckily, the days of the standardized hands-on maintenance schedule room coming come an end.

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Smart technology, like the Oil Life screen (OLM) system from general Motors (GM), automatically monitors the oil life in your auto using an advanced algorithm-driven, on-board computer system system that warns owners as soon as it’s time for an oil change, therefore they can address the problem promptly and without hassle. As soon as a service light is triggered, such as the “CHANGE ENGINE OIL SOON” light, every the owner needs to do is schedule an appointment through a trusted mechanic, take the vehicle in for servicing, and also a mechanic will certainly take care of the rest; it’s that simple.

How the Saturn Oil Life monitor (OLM) system works and what come expect

The Saturn Oil Life monitor (OLM) mechanism is not a straightforward oil quality sensor, however a software-based, algorithm-driven machine that takes right into account assorted operating problems of the engine to identify when the oil needs changing. Certain driving habits can influence the life that the oil, and driving conditions, such together temperature and driving terrain. Lighter, an ext moderate control conditions and temperature will call for less regular oil changes and also maintenance, while much more severe driving problems will require much more frequent oil changes and maintenance. Check out the table listed below to see how the OLM mechanism determines oil life:


Note: Engine oil life is dependence not just on the factors noted above, but likewise on your certain vehicle model, year, and what type of oil is recommended. Check the owner’s hands-on for much more information about what oil is encourage for your vehicle, and also don’t hesitation to get in touch with one of our experienced professionals for advice.

The oil life meter is situated on the information screen of the dashboard, and also will count under from 100% oil life to 0% oil life as you proceed to drive the vehicle. In ~ a particular point, the computer will cause a reminder because that you come “CHANGE ENGINE OIL SOON.” about the 15% oil life threshold, the computer will repeat you, providing you ample time to plan ahead to have actually your car serviced. The is crucial not come wait to have actually your automobile serviced, specifically once the indicator reads 0% oil life. If you execute wait and also servicing is overdue, you hazard severe damage to the engine - which might leave you stranded or worse. GM recommends the an oil readjust should be completed within 2 fuel tank fill-ups from when the an initial message was displayed, or in ~ 600 miles. Additionally, Saturn vehicles - like most other vehicles - call for an oil adjust at the very least once a year even if it is the vehicle is seldom propelled in short distances, or is a Garage Queen. If the Oil Life monitor system has actually not triggered on your Saturn because that a year or more, take it your automobile in because that servicing as quickly as possible.

The following table outlines what the details on your dashboard means when the engine oil reaches a certain level the usage:


When your vehicle is prepared for an oil change, GM has actually a conventional list the inspection because that servicing your Saturn:


Saturn recommends these reserved maintenance items transparent the life of the automobile as well:


After her oil change and servicing is complete, you could need come reset the OLM system in her Saturn. Some servicers will overlook to do this, which deserve to lead come premature and unnecessary business light triggers. Over there are many different ways this light deserve to be reset relying on your model and year. Consult the owner’s manual on exactly how to execute this for your Saturn.

While the engine oil percentages are calculated according to one algorithm the takes right into account control styles and also other details driving conditions, other maintenance info is based on standard time tables such together those in in old-school maintenance schedules, located in the owner’s manual. This does not average Saturn drivers should ignore such alerts. Appropriate maintenance company will greatly extend the life of a vehicle, ensuring the is reliable, safe to drive, extended by the manufacturer’s warranty, and will also carry out a greater resale value.

Such maintenance jobs should constantly be performed by a standard technician. If you have any doubts regarding what the Saturn Oil Life monitor (OLM) system method or what services your car may need, do not hesitate to contact our experienced specialists for advice.

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If your Saturn’s Oil Life monitor (OLM) mechanism is indicating that your automobile is ready for servicing, have actually it checked out by a certified mechanic, such as one native Click here, select your vehicle and service or company package, and also book an appointment through us today. One of our certified mechanics will come to your home or office to service your vehicle.