One that the most common crucial engine problems is the blown head gasket. If her Buick Rendezvous has actually blown that head gasket, you may discover it to run poorly or no at all. Below you’ll find the symptoms, causes, and price that a Buick Rendezvous head gasket.

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A head gasket’s task is to develop a seal in between the engine block and also the head(s). External of this job, it needs to fail prior to the head cracks or warps. If the head it s okay damaged, the repair becomes much more costly.


It must be listed that once you blow the head gasket, the head itself might be warped or cracked. If you perform the head gasket replacement yourself, you should take it come a reputable maker shop and have that tested. Also if it looks perfectly fine to the naked eye, that still might be damaged. Otherwise, you’ll go through all of the trouble of replacing it (it’s never a quick or simple job) just to find out that the head needs to come earlier off and also be replaced. Here’s a good YouTube video on how to tell if your head or block is cracked.


Rendezvous poor Head Gasket Symptoms

Rendezvous bad Head Gasket Causes

Rendezvous Head Gasket fix Cost

Blown Head Gasket Symptoms: Buick Rendezvous


Most that the symptoms of a puffy head gasket are obvious, because the way that the engine runs is generally affected. Below are some of the most typical signs that a blown head gasket:

Rough/Choppy Idle- as soon as a head gasket blows, the will reduced the effective compression proportion of one or much more cylinders. This is always most noticeable at idle speed. Loss of Power– A puffy head gasket can leave your Rendezvous feeling sluggish at speed. “Milky” Oil– depending on how bad and where the head gasket has broken, engine coolant can mix through the oil. This is a very serious concern. Oil the is too this have the right to lock the engine up and leave friend stranded. Loss the Coolant– If her Rendezvous’s engine coolant level is going down, however there is no noticeable leak, it can be a authorize that the head gasket has blown.

Buick Rendezvous swollen Head Gasket Causes

While over there are plenty of reasons the your Rendezvous’s head gasket can fail, the most common ones have to do through the cooling system resulting in the engine come overheat.

Low Engine Coolant– If there is not enough coolant to appropriately cool the engine, it’ll overheat and also blow the head gasket. Low engine coolant have the right to be both the cause and also a symptom of a swollen head gasket. Bad Thermostat– The thermostats project is to control the circulation of coolant in and also out of your Rendezvous’s engine. Once it refuses to open, the engine can acquire hot sufficient that it’ll crack a head or punch a head gasket. Poor Coolant Flow– If there is not enough coolant flowing with the engine, it’ll overheat. This can be because of a negative radiator, radiator hoses, or water pump. Head Gasket Failure– It’s not uncommon for some auto makes and models to have actually head gaskets that simply fail because that no various other reason than poor engineering.

Rendezvous Head Gasket fix Cost

Head gaskets themselves are really affordable. It’s the labor involved with getting them replaced that will gain you.

With engines that have overhead cams, it’s deserve to be an incredibly arduous task. It’s a bit simpler with classic engines that have the camshaft in the block.

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With parts and also labor, the typical head gasket price is north of $1200. They can be significantly an ext depending ~ above the design year and engine.

If you arrangement on tackling the project yourself, begin at the start of the weekend, and also make sure that you usage a speak wrench when putting everything together.


Replacing a head gasket on her own deserve to be time consuming and challenging, however it can save girlfriend a many money. If over there is anything the you’d prefer to add, please feel totally free to leaving a comment below. An excellent luck diagnosing her Buick Rendezvous!