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Hey All,I dont know anything about silverado"s yet but I am learning, not much information over here in Australia though.... I have a 2003 2500HD and also when I push the park/E Brake that doesnt execute anything, if the truck is in neutral that still rolls..... I am guessing it requirements to be changed but am simply wondering how..... Execute I have to take the wheels off or is over there something to accessibility behind the hub or???Thanks allLee
i have a 2000 1500 silverado and also mine walk the very same thing. If anyone can help us out v this, it would be a great help

I have actually the behind disc as well, I worked out that over there is a rubber grommet behind the hub that you remove and also you acquire a screw driver in there and also turn a cog i beg your pardon pushes out the park brake much more and adjusts it.... One grommet is top top the top of the hub, the other is on the bottom that the hub (one side controls forward brake, the various other side reverse brake)
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