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Alright I require help! i can"t seem to discover the fuel pressure regulator on my 2004 Silverado 1500. Walk anyone understand where that is located? ns looked in the evident locations prefer the fuel rail but I can"t uncover it.
Wait, i just checked mine and its no there lol.( I obtained that pic indigenous the web). Im sure ours are in the height of the fuel pump since gm has actually two form of fuel system, the return and also the return-less. The difference is in the fuel push regulator, either an installed on the fuel rail (see pic) or on top of the fuel pump.

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Yea i dropped the tank turn off a tahoe and also it was a pain since i had to drainpipe all the fuel native the tank. The tank will be an extremely heavy still to trust me. If you space doibg this alone then eliminate the bed ns guess.
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