If her Sienna squeals or chatters once you revolve the steering wheel, or if the steering has come to be stiffer, you might be short on strength steering fluid! monitor this overview to check, and add, strength steering liquid to her Toyota Sienna.

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This is a very an easy maintenance item, yet it is straightforward to screw this up. Why? due to the fact that Toyota doesn’t usage ‘power steering fluid’ in their strength steering systems. Therefore don’t simply go to the auto parts store and buy part generic power steering fluid and put it in there. The manual for the Toyota Sienna states “Automatic Transmission liquid Dextron II or III.”

This can be confusing because that a lot of people, “Why am I placing transmission fluid into my power steering?” yet this is correct. Friend WILL usage ATF because that your strength steering! the is important though, for this reason make sure that you acquire the designation right, Dextron II or III. If you acquire the wrong one, it can make things worse.

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Adding strength Steering liquid to a Toy

Adding power Steering fluid to a Toyota Sienna Steps

Pop and Prop the Hood.Remove the lid by twisting counter-clockwise.Verify the ideal fluid level.Replace the cap.

Alright, let’s get started! The adhering to section includes detailed procedures with pictures.

Adding strength Steering liquid – Toyota Sienna – thorough Steps

Step 1: Pop and Prop the Hood

Pop the hood, prop that up, and then locate the power steering liquid reservoir located on the passenger next wheel well.

The top of the reservoir looks favor this (notice is specifies DEXTRON type ATF):

Check the next of the reservoir to view the level. Over there is a various scale for HOT and COLD. In the photo shown below, the vehicle was cold, therefore in that case, the reservoir on this Sienna is a bit low:

Step 2: eliminate the cover and include Fluid

Twist the cap to remove it.

Pour in the proper amount of power steering fluid. Again, be certain it is ATF Dextron III compatible.


Step 3: Verify proper Fluid Level and also Replace the Cap

Watch the markings top top the side together you add fluid. When you with the ‘MAX’ clues line, stop and put the cap back on.


That’s it, take it it because that a test journey to verify the steering has gotten quieter and more smooth.

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If the difficulty persists, you might need come flush out the old fluid and also re-fill it with fresh fluid. To do that, use a turkey baster and suck out as lot of the old dirty fluid as possible. Climate refill it through fresh fluid. Then journey the vehicle for 50 miles or so and also repeat till the fluid has been replaced.