over there is no dipstick to check tranny fluid level. The owners hand-operated confirms this as I have actually the 3.5L. One axle seal has actually started come leak some and also I would favor to screen the level somehow. Is over there a plug what to examine the fluid level? The design is a Malibu Maxx.

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Hello, There is a level indicator top top the side which should be eliminated with the engine running to view the level include until it comes ago out prefer a standard transmission. (65) top top the diagram below.Transmission Fluid check fill port below


https://www.stclairdrake.net/articles/how-to-service-an-automatic-transmissionPlease let us understand if you need anything rather to gain the trouble fixed.Cheers,

i feel therefore stupid. I saw a mechanic because I require a fuel pump replaced very soon. Mine youngest son said to acquire a transmission fluid changed. I have never had this excellent before. Will it pains the engine or automobile in general to adjust it now? i feel for this reason stupid about this. Please advise. I have had continuous oil alters with man-made oil, and checked all the fluids other than transmission liquid obviously.

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Well, ns guess you deserve to feel stupid if you want to, but enable me to include another measurement to the story. I have an 1988 grand Caravan the I provided to drag about a tandem axle fastened trailer that's bigger and heavier than the van because that fifteen years. It got the infection fluid readjusted once at 85,000 miles since the next cover rusted out. Figured i would adjust the fluid and filter while i was in ~ it. The valve rusted away through 281,000 miles critical year and the fluid and also filter had actually never been replaced again. That is not neglect. The is abuse, however there was never a trouble with the transmission.Obviously ns am no recommending anyone else do that, but it mirrors what part vehicles are qualified of. The next person might not have such good luck. Unless it is assignment out in different way in your owner's manual, the market standard used to be to change the fluid and filter every 3 years or 36,000 miles. That should likewise be adjusted right after the transmission has actually been overheated, as in too much tire spinning from trying to get unstuck, or as soon as pulling a big load for a lengthy distance. Overheated transmission fluid will be dark red, black, and also / or smell burned. The fluid will still execute its job, however there room additives in it the wear out and also that get destroyed by overheating. Shedding those additive can result in troubles from foaming, ns of lubrication to crucial parts, and also abrasive wear to fiber parts and rubber seals.Since the additives in transmission liquid last much much longer than those in engine oil, there is a reduced chance of damage occurring due come neglect, so execute not beat yourself up too much.Some mechanics will push for a transmission flush i m sorry is much more expensive. The jury is still out on the value of that, and also I am not persuaded yet. A simple fluid and filter adjust was every we ever before did because that decades. The gets about half of the old liquid out, and also there were enough additives in the four or five quarts of brand-new fluid to save the transmission happy. V the newer computer-controlled transmissions, and the reality the engineers discover all type of methods to cut corners, part people believe a flush is far better because it gets one hundred percent that the fluid replaced, however a lot of mechanics execute not do the added step of removed the pan, (and the brand-new fluid), to replace the filter. I think about the filter to be simply as crucial as the new fluid.Many world will tell you they had a catastrophic infection failure quickly after having it flushed, however I doubt they had actually the flush done in an effort to solve a problem that was currently destined to reason that failure. That is simply my opinion, however it seems to hold true an ext so because that older or high-mileage vehicles. Some mechanics feeling the force of the just arrived fluid throughout a flush deserve to dislodge debris that can tear or reduced rubber seals, and also that can reason a failure later. My recommendation is to have the fluid and also filter changed at one of your next oil changes. That is not unusual for her mechanic to discover a little pile of debris in the bottom the the pan. If friend aren't having any kind of shifting difficulties now, the debris is not a cause to warning you of an unavoidable failure or require for a infection rebuild. Decrease any together recommendation. The debris is in the pan since it was stopped by the filter from acquiring into the valves and passages. It came from flaking off several of the fiber clutch plates and also "thrust washers". The is once there are large chunks of miscellaneous in the pan that you must worry, but you would certainly have had some kind of problem before that.