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I have actually a 2005 6 cyl. Because that the past couple of year the parking brake will not engage. I"ve tried to change at the handle however it seems the cable is rusted frozen in ~ the brake. I have read posts about the difficulties with the cables. I"m want to know just how to conveniently replace the cables. Thanks

I have a 2005 6 cyl. For the past couple of year the parking brake will certainly not engage. I"ve do the efforts to adjust at the handle however it appears the cable is rusted frozen at the brake. I have actually read posts around the difficulties with the cables. I"m want to know exactly how to easily replace the cables. Thanks
welcome to the forums, ive changed my rear cables, pretty simple to do. Execute one next at a time, pay fist to the routing, they have actually a couple bolts to the human body midway. At the behind calipers, on slide the steel clip off, climate you have the right to use a screwdriver to press the arm back, and also the cables come off actual easy. Download the new cables native the connecting bracket at the middle of the car, route and bolt the cables in place and hook to the calipers last. These pics arent also great, however look close, you`ll view the clip being eliminated in one and also the screwdriver prying the bracket earlier to eliminate the cable end.i havent had actually to replace a frt cable yet, yet it shouldnt be too negative to do either.
05 V6 auto,

First that all i think most failures in these cables occur up north. My vehicle is a Texas car. Ns am pretty good at keeping up with maintenance on mine stang and also noticed the rubber deteriorated at on the rear cables in ~ or before 60,000. As soon as I did the behind pad instead of at 70,000 I readjusted the cable however noticed I had to adjust it a lot of to get it within specs. I guess the cables had started come rust inside the protective covers and the added tension led to the cable come fail at about 75000. The replacement cables made the parking brake feel favor brand new. I agree carry out one next at a time. I discovered it much easier to do as stated above starting at the center section near the journey shaft. Below is what i remember native the installation.

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1. Rout the cable2. Loosely install the 2 bolts (RH) 3. Traction the slack ~ above the cable in the direction of the forward part of the car. 4. The parking brake cable is a three item unit. One left one right and also once facility going to the handle. The middle section is slotted. Through slack pulled out giving you extra length on the fwd. Finish install it at the "union" wherein the 3 cables join. The housing has actually a clip the holds the in ar at the union. 5. Following install the "T" shaped finish of the aft ar of the cable on the rear caliper.6. Usage a little pry bar or screwdriver to compress the spring at the caliper arm. This should provide you the slack you must install clip that holds the aft section. 7. Torque the 2 bolts the secure the cable assembly to the vehicle frame.8. Download the behind wheel. Speak lug nuts come 100Ft. Lb. 9. Make sure that the rub protection is in the correct location so the the cable last as long as possible. 10. Adjust cable as vital from the center console. 11. Lol aske me inquiries if needed
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