05 GSX-R1000 still blistering todayK5 GSX-R1000 0-180 mph in 21.33 seconds!

It has been 16 years because we were introduced to the K5 different of Suzuki’s GSX-R1000. In regards to looks, the motorcycle has actually aged relatively well and still looks together purposeful together it did in ~ launch. Earlier in 2001, the GSX-R1000 to be Suzuki’s price the Yamaha YZF-R1.

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The GSX-R1000 had a monster engine the eclipsed and also lead the literbike class in regards to get-up-and-go performance, however it was not as nimble as its rivals the the time.

Building ~ above the K1 with redesigned chassis and bodywork and a revised and also slightly an ext powerful engine, the K3/4 was an attempt to sharpen up GSX-R and to improve and at least complement the dealing with of Yamaha’s modification R1 that came in 02.

The 02 R1 to be grown-up interpretation of the initial balls the end misbehaving R1 and also Honda’s spicy CBR954RR, i beg your pardon at the time was may be the best handling litrebike.

In 2005 Suzuki made further revisions come the GSX-R through what looked choose a whole new bike. Adorned v a new lighter and stiffer chassis and a tweaked engine. The new GSX-R made a declared 178 crank horsepower and was a mental boggling 166 kg dry.

Handling was even better than ever and now no only could Suzuki claim the strongest engine once again however could likewise claim come be amongst the finest handling too.

During this time back in 05, Yamaha, Kawasaki and also Honda all launched new motorcycles just a year prior in 04 yet Suzuki still preserved the lead v the best in its entirety performance package at the time that very closely followed may be by the 04-05 Kawasaki ZX-10R i m sorry is a missile in its very own right.

Suzuki GSX-R1000 Dyno Curve

Suzuki GSX-R1000 Dyno

Many motorcycle journalists and also owners or whoever has ridden a K5 GSX-R1000 have actually been well-known to case that the engine is the greatest conventional 1 litre 4-cylinder engine of every time. While today we space now acquainted with 200 hp engines, the 15-year-old engine from the K5 tho stands out as a hugely qualified engine.

Its top rear wheel horsepower number of 162 hp can not seem that superior by today’s standards but what is for this reason impressive about this engine is its substantial spread the power/torque which arrives from almost tickover and also drives every the method to the redline v wicked veracity.

Combined this engine distribution with optimum gearing, and also an exceptionally low dry weight of 166 kg outcomes in this engine being an extremely explosive from any speed in any type of gear make the k5 GSX-R1000 still to this day one of the finest in-gear roll-on acceleration motorcycles top top the road.

Riding the K5 Suzuki GSX-R1000 below 8000 rpm and also comparing to many modern-day litre bikes the today, you’d swear it the there to be nothing quicker than the might GSX-R.

Suzuki GSX-R1000 Acceleration test Review

The k5 GSX-R1000 isn’t the faster motorcycle tested however it will, and with that is head organized firmly high host its own versus pretty much any type of production motorcycle at any kind of speed below 150 mph / 240 km/h.

For a 15-year-old motorcycle the GSX-R1000 is ballistic and deals the end bloody noses to any kind of competitor!

0-60 mph is a pretty meaningless metric for any kind of sportbike over 600 cc as they all carry out high 2s or short threes however the time you obtain is much more down to rider kill and also how straightforward the cycle is to launch fairly than bald power.

Keeping that in psychic the GSX-R1000 have the right to accelerate indigenous 0-60 mph in just 3.1 seconds which like all lightweight litre bikes is wheelie limiting.

This is a purely old school and also delicious analogue motorcycle from the optimal of the analogue era through very little ff no nanny throttle restrictions and has no traction control or wheelie/launch manage to provide manners if launching this weapon from a stop.

If girlfriend can regulate wheelies effectively 0-100 mph come in an eye watering 5.53 seconds, a time the is equivalent to noþeles on the market vehicle or bike.

0-150 mph and the standing begin quarter mile come in a little over 10 seconds. The GSX-R 1000 is qualified of sub tens throughout the 402m sprint but is hindered by its destructive engine that would certainly rather suggest to 12 O’clock without lot invitation.

The GSX-R1000 does lose out to more contemporary motorcycles above 150 mph but still records and amazing 0-180 mph in just 21.33 and also only around 3 odd secs slower 보다 a Ducati Panigale 1299. Versus and R1 that is additional behind yet can monster the R1 listed below 8000 rpm in any gear and also in most low rpm role on situations.

Top speed is common of litre bikes native the critical 15 year at over 180 mph through the K5 GSX-R1000 afford 183 mph flat-out. An exhaust and flash tune will easily see these equipments in the mid 190 mph plus.

The K5 GSX-R1000 is an astonishingly rapid motorcycle also by today’s standards.

Often, us remember motorcycles from ago in time as being insanely fast, then ride them years later and also are left unimpressed but not through the K5 GSX-R1000…. It is that good.

A complete exhaust device complimented through a song would carry this motorcycle just a sniff behind some of the later motorcycles predating ~ above the streets. In regards to engine, you really execute not need an ext than this.

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Suzuki GSX-R1000 Acceleration
Suzuki GSX-R1000 Acceleration
0-10 mph0.51
0-20 mph1.01
0-30 mph1.53
0-40 mph2.04
0-50 mph2.57
0-60 mph3.10
0-70 mph3.65
0-80 mph4.22
0-90 mph4.80
0-100 mph5.53
0-110 mph6.16
0-120 mph6.97
0-130 mph7.77
0-140 mph8.91
0-150 mph10.14
0-160 mph12.07
0-170 mph14.70
0-180 mph21.33
0-190 mphn/a
0-200 mphn/a
60-120 mph3.87
100-160 mph6.55
SS/QM10.20/150.5 mph
SS/KM18.266/176 mph
SS/Mile25.70/182 mph
Top Speed183.3 mph


Suzuki GSX-R1000
Displacement:998.00 ccm (60.90 cubic inches)
Engine type:In-line four, four-stroke
Bore x stroke:73.4 x 59.0 mm (2.9 x 2.3 inches)
Fuel system:Injection
Fuel control:Double Overhead Cams/Twin camer (DOHC)
Cooling system:Liquid
Transmission typeChain
Displacement:998.00 ccm (60.90 cubic inches)
Frame type:Rigid twin-spar aluminum frame minimizes weight while maintaining high torsional strength
Front SuspensionInverted telescopic, coil spring, fully adjustable feather preload, compression and also rebound damping
Rear suspension:Link-type, gas/oil-damped, completely adjustable spring preload, compression and rebound damping
Front tyre:120/70-ZR17
Rear tyre:190/50-ZR17
Front brakes:Double disc
Rear brakes:Single disc
Weights and also Measurements
Dry weight:166.0 kg (366.0 pounds)
Seat height:810 mm (31.9 inches) If adjustable, lowest setting.
Overall height:1,130 mm (44.5 inches)
Overall length:2,030 mm (79.9 inches)
Overall width:710 mm (28.0 inches)
Ground clearance:130 mm (5.1 inches)
Wheelbase:1,405 mm (55.3 inches)
Fuel capacity:18.00 litres (4.76 gallons)