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So ns did some searching and also I guess that there is no means to inspect the transmission fluid in the Charger uneven I walk to the dealership? I very own a 2010 SXT v the 3.5L 4speed.

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Thought around buying the dipstick myself. While having actually my tranny fluid readjusted a pair weeks ago, ns asked the tech around checking it myself. He gives me the spill around you need to have "this" dipstick (looked favor a lengthy tube) and also you must have actually blah blah blah (whatever the diagnostic computer is).Funny thing was, he never ever used anything except the dipstick. Which simply looked like a small plastic dipstick in the finish of a rubber/plastic hose.So who knows???!!!!:4-dontknow:

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I to be told the miller device plus the trans fluid needs to be at to run temp...the temp can throw turn off the numbers....I hate acquisition my car to the dealer.....
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Wow. Ns dont gain why evade didnt placed a tranny dip stick in the Charger so that way we inspect it our self rather of safety money to have them check it. Sounds choose another way for Chrysler to make money turn off of us.

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So ns did some searching and also I guess the there is no way to inspect the transmission fluid in the Charger unless I go to the dealership? I very own a 2010 SXT through the 3.5L 4speed.
you can buy a dipstick yet the to fill level is an essential and an extremely dependent on liquid temperature....trans temp. Is top top the EVIC and procedures deserve to be uncovered on youtube
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