After the TREAD Act was mandated in 2007, all vehicles made in the unified States beginning in 2008, need to be mounted with straight or indirect TPMS systems.

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The Dodge cool Caravan uses a straight TPMS system, which way TPMS sensors are mounted in the wheel. If one or much more tires show low tires pressure, the TPMS sensors will carry the details to the vehicle’s ECU. One indicator irradiate (low-line TPMS system) or every tire pressure will present on the dash (high-line TPMS system).

When a sensor is changed for one or an ext wheels that a Dodge grand Caravan, a TPMS relearn is recommended to transport the brand-new TPMS sensor IDs to the vehicle’s ECU.


Type that TPMS system:

Direct TPMS, TPMS sensors are mounted in the wheel, tire pressure is connected via radio frequency (RF) technology from the sensor to the vehicle’s ECU

OE and also Aftermarket (Universal, Hybrid, Programmable, Configurable, One-to-One, OE-style) choices for TPMS sensor replacement:

Type that TPMS frequency:

315 MHz, year 2004-2007433 MHz, year 2001-2003 & 2008-2020

Type of Relearn procedures:

Auto relearn procedure

Type that TPMS tool compelled for TPMS reset:

Auto relearn procedure:

OBDII dongle is not required Confirm TPMS sensors are correctly installed Adjust tire pressures come placard value Active sensors with TPMS tool Drive for up to 20 minutes about 15 MPH or till TPMS light is off 


Bonus coverage, OBD relearn procedure

OBDII module is required, attach to the toolConfirm TPMS sensors are properly installedAdjust tire push to placard valueHold TPMS tester on left front tire sidewall beside the valve stem, use TPMS tool to activate the sensorRepeat because that the best front, best rear and also left rear sensorsApply OBD module come DLCTurn ignition come ONPress ok on TPMS device to transport data come ECUDisconnect OBD module indigenous DLCTurn ignition off then begin the engineDrive because that at the very least 5 minute at 28 mph


Troubleshooting tips

Oversized Rims

If you an alert interference of your TPMS signal, it can be because of oversized rims i m sorry can reason RF signal interference.

Sensor frequencies

The Dodge grand Caravan was made with 433 MHz TPMS sensors indigenous 2001 v 2003. Models between the year 2004 and 2007 are manufactured with 315 MHz TPMS sensors. However, beginning in 2008 with 2020, models went earlier to 433 MHz TPMS sensors. Be certain to check the device in the examine TPMS symbol on the VT56, VT46, VT36 or VT31 devices to view which sensor frequency you room working with prior to replacing a TPMS sensor. 

Auto-relearn, the light won’t revolve off?

The auto relearn procedure actions require the technician to journey for at least 5 minutes at 28 mph. Unfortunately, as soon as you’re in ~ the shop, the is not constantly easy or time-valuable to journey a vehicle roughly at over 28 mph for that amount the time. If the shop is in a city, it might not be feasible to drive for end 28 mph uneven the user drives exterior of a city environment where the is possible to journey at greater speeds.

Solution? for Dodge cool Caravan vehicles 2001-2020, the bonus OBD relearn procedure is accessible for the ATEQ VT56, many thanks to patented Sync-ID technology. This advanced feature permits the user to perform an OBD relearn to turn the irradiate off, with minimal come no control time forced to rotate the irradiate off, saving the technician time and the customer labor costs.

Placard push Adjustment 

Use the VT56 or VT46 branded tools to adjust placard push for the Dodge cool Caravan if upsizing tires/wheels, additionally when replacing with off-road tires or low-profile tires. 

Please note: to determine proper placard pressure, constantly follow the tires load and also inflation standards. Maintain the overall circumference to +/-3% that the initial size, and the compelled load rating located on the manufacturing placard. Constantly refer to the vehicle’s owner’s manual for any specific safety advice concerning the application of replacement tires.

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TPMS DTC password information

Use the VT56 come retrieve evade TPMS DTC password by selecting the “Service” icon. After picking the Make, Model, and Year pick the DTC password icon. Use the OBDII module come retrieve the dodge DTC TPMS information to diagnose and also service the TPMS problems determined.