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I have actually scoured the manuals and they basically say don"t touch the fluid if you room not having actually problems.Is there a encourage mileage based fluid readjust interval for the 2008-2009s?

I take it mine to the dealer when i an initial purchased it provided to have the liquid changed, it had 37K miles. Lock looked up my vin number and also told me ns did not need to change the fluid, the infection in my auto has a 100k mile readjust interval.

Actually the recommended adjust interval is 150,000 mile according to the maintenance guide. However, i think many of united state will agree that can be too long unless the automobile is propelled gently and has greatly highway miles. I would go v a 60,000 mile interval unless the automobile is major service, in which instance I would certainly recommend 30,000 mile intervals.The 2008 and 2009 Taurus has actually the 6F50 transmission that mentions MERCON V fluid. Later years switched come the MERCON LV fluid, yet it is no backwards compatible.
I freshly took my auto to the dealer through 100,000 KM"s ~ above it. They claimed the liquid was fine, and also it didn"t have to be changed. Ns heard somewhere that this liquid is great for the life of the car?

Interval is 150,000 mile or 240,000 kilometres as proclaimed above, so the is no a lifetime fluid. If the dealer said it was fine, someone can have adjusted it as soon as already. Either way I would have actually it checked again at 150,000 km.
can i usage maxlife for an 09 taurus? if ns wanna put in lubegard red, i just dump in the whole bottle through the dipstick, correct?
Revisiting this thread due to the fact that it came up in a find I had for the question of mileage interval.My question now is, execute I need any kind that special device to change the liquid in my 2009? ns seem come recall a girlfriend of mine saying that he required one for his.

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If you"re simply going to carry out a drain and refill...then I think it"s a 10MM socket because that the drain plug. It"s the reduced of the 2 you"ll view on the trans situation when you obtain under the car. Simply don"t over torque once you put it earlier in together the trans instance is aluminum. That will net girlfriend 5 qts using that method...that"s roughly fifty percent of the complete fill. I"ve excellent mine 3 basically more than likely have about 90% brand-new fluid doing that this way. Ford supplies a maker to force the fluid out and put new fluid regional dealer charges about $140.00 to perform this.Hope this helps...Jeff
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