I have replaced the starter after that failed and then the alternator and also then all cool packs and also wires. The vehicle started running actual rough and now will certainly not begin at all. The code reads lot of misfires and that is it. I hooked increase a fuel pressure gauge which review 0 for this reason there to be no fuel going to the fuel rail. The fuel pump is humming as soon as the key is turned to the on place so that is working. The theft irradiate is not on ~ above the dash. Can you think of any reason why the car will not begin or have had gaining to the fuel rail? Any assist would be good I have currently put more money than it is worth for nothing due to the fact that it still will certainly not start. Please aid

This sounds like a fuel pump or the crankshaft edge sensor has actually gone out. When you turn the an essential to the on place without cranking the engine over have the right to you hear the fuel pump operation in the tank for 5 seconds?https://www.stclairdrake.net/articles/car-cranks-but-wont-startPlease run down this guide and report back.

there is the hose from the pump to the exterior that the pump module that cracks inside the tank. Pump runs but no pressure since it is spraying into the tank.

Chevy Malibu won"t start. Acts like it is not obtaining fuel. Doesn"t even partially fire. The battery transforms over great, yet acts like it"s not getting any fuel.This is a first time event. Us tried letting the sit because that 20 min. Yet got the same results. Have the right to you help? Thanks, Matt

when you rotate the vital on, no crank, is the theft lite flashing? If the is, wait and also see if the lite go off, then try to start.

Just had this problem with my 2000 malibu. I was steering home and the car just closeup of the door off and acted choose it was out of gas. I had actually to replace the fuel pump. Had actually this difficulty before and also was able to solve it with replacing the fuel filter this time yet replacing the fuel filter didn"t work and I had to salary a mechanic. Hope this helps.
This has happened twice with similar symptoms.The first time this happened, I checked the fuel pump relay and also found part white corrosion. When I changed the relay, that started best up.The 2nd time this happened, I confirm the fuel pump relay and found the very same corrosion. Once I change the relay again, it did no start. And I can hear the fuel pump rotate on as soon as I revolve on the ignition. I tried replacing the fuel filter and also nothing.Is it possible for the fuel pump to be bad even if I have the right to hear it revolve on? any type of other ideas? Thanks.
correctly the pump can be bad. Check the fuel pressure. You can go to any type of Advanance Auto or Auto ar to gain the suitable test kit i m sorry they will certainly loan come you.
Make certain you are testing that fuel pressure during THE FAILURE. The test will be useless any kind of other time.
journey to job-related yesterday simply fine. Visited leave wouldn"t start. Ns come back to tow it and also it starts best up and drives residence fine. Starts up the next morning and drive to job-related fine. Go to leave again and won"t start. Deserve to hear the fuel pump revolve on. Don"t understand where to walk from over there
perhaps an intermittent rpm signal? as soon as the difficulty occurs, have a helper crank the while friend visually examine for spark in ~ the spark plugs. If you have actually spark everywhere, examine fuel pressure and also injector pulse.Can you examine for applicable problem codes? few of the nationwide brand autostores wsill inspect codes for free. Intermittent issues can be difficult to track. Need to test when trouble is ongoing.
It has not stalled completely. I think it should be the last tank that gas. What do I perform to obtain the water out of it?I am a 72 year old woman and have no intention no one any way to work on my own car.
Hello, The best means to get negative gas the end of your auto is to drop the tank and also drain it. Girlfriend might have the ability to get a siphon water tap kit native a store like Harbor Freight and also siphon the gas out of the tank this way. There space some products at your neighborhood auto parts store the are claimed to solve this problem, however I have only heard of restricted success at best with these and also I don't introduce them. Did friend fill her tank when you got gas last? you re welcome get earlier to us and also we can go native there.Thanks, Alexstclairdrake.net
once I go to start the automobile it turns over, yet refuses to start. I have a mechanic, yet he stated he cant number out why its doing that. He replaced the crank sensor, however it starts once it wants and stops went it wants.
Is it shedding fuel pressure? Or spark? might need come relearn the Pass-lock key. Turn ign "on" shot to start and let an essential return to "on" wait approx 10 minutes, security light will certainly go out. Turn crucial off and wait 5 seconds and also repeat procedure 2 more times. Then start automobile
Engine performance problem2001 Chevy Malibu 6 cyl prior Wheel journey Automatic I have actually been trying to begin this auto for months, the engines getting spark, acquiring fuel cranks free, just wont start. The theift mechanism was checked and its not flashing. Sounds like a timing difficulty spray beginning fluid in the wait cleaner and earlier fires could the camshaft sensor be bad and also how deserve to I check it
The best way to check a electronic came sensor is with a diagnostic tool so you can see what"s it"s doing while her cranking it. The is also feasible that the ignition module is defective. Also though your getting spark it can be sparking at the untrue time. Can you do a compression check on a couple of of the front cylinders to check out if the timing chain is ok?
I have actually comperssion in every cylinders and also how execute I inspect the ignition module. However when the vehicle overheated just prior to the rebulld every the dash lights come on and then keept driving then all the lights went off if this has any kind of signifiacnts
If you have actually spark, fuel, and compression. Climate you either have actually to small or to much of one of them.Not sure what you supposed by every the lights came on then went off. You stated that that overheated prior to the rebuild.Did you rebuild it, or did someone else do it? and also how much of the did you rebuild?Did you just do the head gaskets or did friend drop the crankshaft and also remove the pistons too?See if girlfriend can acquire a vacuum gauge ~ above there and see what the cranking vacuum is.
running fine parked overnight following morning turns over but wont fire. Readjusted badly worn plugs and also now will begin for 3 seconds and shuts off. Fuel pump seems to be working. Have the right to hear it and also gas flows from filter once line disconnected. Checked computer system codes with an inexpensive scan tool and also 2 proved up however were not to car starting or running. Theft light not blinking but did the actions to clear it anyhow. Any and also all suggestions would be great. Thanks
Hi,Although you hear the fuel pump running, it may not be developing enough pressure to operation the engine. I perform recommend inspect it. Because it walk start, the is my first suspect.Here is a link that explains how to check the pump pressure:https://www.stclairdrake.net/articles/how-to-check-fuel-system-pressure-and-regulatorHere room the manufacturer's specs for fuel pressure:2000 Chevrolet Malibu V6-3.1L VIN J Fuel Pump PressureEngine not running52 -59 psi
0 rpmCheck press with the key on and also the engine not running.Let me understand what you uncover or if you have other questions.Take care,Joe
Hi mine Malibu just Stopped Running. I adjusted The Battery And completely Charged. The Engine Does gain Fuel, yet It will certainly Not rotate Over. We Check...

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Observing lights and sounds when the engine is not beginning is essential, these actions can offer you a direction to proceed which are detailed in stimulate of difficulty.
Removed Thermostat and also Checked By putting In boil Water To watch If It would certainly Open. The Didn't. Purchase A new Thermostat and also Checked It...
Bought native A Tow Lot, so Not sure Of past Problems. Crank and Tries to Start. If You give It throttle While Cranking, it Starts Right...
Engine power Problem2001 Chevy Malibu 6 Cyl automatic 88700 miles My 2001 Malibu has Been providing Me A many Of difficulties Lately...

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I to be Driving The Car and also It would certainly Not allow Me Drive any type of Faster than 30 Mph Then once I Reved the A couple Times The Mph Didnt move At All...