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Has anyone, or is anyone considering, changing the transmission fluid in the 6 speed automatic? The PowerTech 6F24 is a hyundai transmission used in the 2014 and also up Compass and also Patriot. I"ve discovered some info, and also diy videos, ~ above Hyundai/Kia models with the very same gearbox, and also the liquid looks nice dirty also after only 30 or so thousand miles.So much I"ve learned the there is a mopar service tool i m sorry is a tiny dipstick the is used to check the fluid level, however not lot step by step details out over there by any owners who have attempted this company on a Compass/Patriot.

You should be past 100% you space using the correct transmission liquid type. Multivehicle varieties rarely space compatible. At least you don"t have actually a CVT, which i don"t recommend.
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look at this.....the Hyundai Sonata uses the exact same 6 rate transmissionl. This is a good video in just how to readjust it. Https://

look at this.....the Hyundai Sonata offers the very same 6 rate transmissionl. This is a good video in exactly how to change it. Https://
I"ve offered Valvoline Max Life LV transmission liquid in mine son"s 2013 Hyundai Elantra which has actually the the exact same 6 speed transmission together the Jeep Compass. Ns did a finish flush using the infection return line till all the liquid was replaced. The manufacturing facility fluid was jet black once I initially drained it. I check out a many Hyundai Owers usage Valvoline Max Life LV ATF and also the bottle claims it complies with SP-IV. Also in the video reference here he provides Valvoline. Ns contacted him and also stated he has had no difficulties with Max Life in his Hyundai cars..I to be leery using it simply because I have a Chrysler automobile which calls for ATF+4 and also if friend don"t usage ATF +4 friend will ruin your transmission. V Chrysler girlfriend cannot usage multi use ATF even it is claims it adheres to ATF+4 and also there is enough information where human being have had serious problems. Currently going earlier to the Powertech infection in the Compass and Hyundai....... Mine son has put ~ above 30,000 km because I readjusted it and the transmission change very smooth. He has over 100,000 kilometres on the car. Offered the price of Valvoline is so low I setup on draining the infection annually and install 4 clean quarts every year....Its the expense of one oil change vs. $4,000 for a new transmission.

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