Reduce your KIA Sedona speed gradually, maintaining a directly line. Relocate cautiously off the road to a safe place well away from the traffic. Avoid stopping ~ above the center divider that a highway. Park top top a level spot through firm ground.Stop the KIA Sedona engine and turn on your KIA Sedona emergency flashers.Firmly set the KIA Sedona parking brake and put the infection in “P”.Have everyone get out the the KIA Sedona on the side away from traffic. And also get far away native the roadway.Read the adhering to instructions thoroughly.Do not proceed driving through a deflated tire. Driving even a quick distance can damage a KIA Sedona tire beyond repair.KIA SedonaCompact spare tireThe KIA Sedonacompact spare tires is design for short-lived emergency use only.The compact spare tires is established by the distinctive wheel design and color and special wording “TEMPORARY use ONLY” molded into the side wall surface of the tire.The traditional tire should be repaired and also replaced as quickly as possible.To save the compact KIA Sedona spare tires noticeable, do not hide the wheel by a wheel sheathe or such. The KIA Sedona compact spare tires saves an are in her luggage compartment, and its lighter load helps to enhance fuel economy and permits easier installation in instance of a level tire.The KIA Sedona compact spare tire deserve to be used many times, if necessary. It has tread life of approximately 4800 kilometres (3000 miles) depending on road conditions and also your driving habits. When tread wear indicators show up on the tire, change the tire.Your KIA Sedona ground clearance is decreased when the compact KIA Sedona spare tire is installed so avoid driving end obstacles and also drive gradually on rough, unpaved roads and speed bumps. Also, perform not attempt to go v an automatic vehicle wash as the KIA Sedona may get caught, causing damage.1. Acquire the compelled tools and also spare tires from her KIA Sedona.KIA Sedona JackJack handleWheel nut wrenchKIA Sedona preventive tireTo prepare you yourself for an emergency, you need to familiarize yourself with the use of the jack, each of the tools and their warehouse locations.Turn the jack joint by hand.To remove: rotate the share in direction 1 until the jack is free. To store: revolve the joint in direction 2 till the jack is steady secured to stop it paris forward throughout a KIA Sedona collision or sudden braking.To remove the KIA Sedona spare tire; open up the ago door and also you will uncover the spare tire clamp bolt near the ago door latch. Loosen the spare tire clamp bolt by transforming it counterclockwise through the wheel seed wrench. ~ the tires is lowered totally to the ground, remove the stop bracket.Compact preventive tire— when storing the preventive tire, put it in ar with the inner next of the wheel dealing with up.Except compact preventive tire— when storing the preventive tire, placed it in ar with the outer side the the wheel dealing with up.Then secure the KIA Sedona tires by repeating the above removal measures in turning back order to avoid it from flying forward throughout a collision or sudden braking.Make certain to traction the tire straight up without capturing on any other part.Do no overtighten the bolt. Stop turning it when you begin to feel resistance on her hand.After save on computer the KIA Sedona tire, make certain it is securely locked by pushing it forward and rearward.—Blocking the wheel —Removing wheel ornament2. Block the wheel diagonally opposite the level tire to save the car from rolling as soon as it is jacked up.When impede the wheel, ar a wheel block indigenous the front for the front wheel or indigenous the rear for the behind wheels.3. Eliminate the KIA Sedonas wheel ornament.Pry off the wheel ornament, utilizing the beveled finish of the wheel nut wrench together shown.Steel wheelsKIA Sedona Aluminium wheels—Loosening wheel nuts —Positioning the jack —Raising your vehicle4. Loosen all the wheel nuts.Always ease the KIA Sedona wheel nuts prior to raising the KIA Sedona .The nuts turn counterclockwise to loosen. To get maximum leverage, to the right the wrench to the nut so the the manage is top top the ideal side, as displayed above. Take the wrench near the end of the handle and pull up on the handle. Be cautious that the wrench does not slip off the nut.Do not eliminate the nuts yet—just unscrew them around one-half turn.5. Position the KIA Sedona jack at the correct jack suggest as shown.Make sure the KIA Sedona jack is positioned ~ above a level and also solid place.6. After making certain that nobody is in the KIA Sedona, raise the high sufficient so the the spare tire can be installed.Remember you will need an ext ground clearance once putting top top the KIA Sedona spare tires than when removing the level tire.To advanced the vehicle, insert the jack handle into the jack (it is a loose fit) and also turn that clockwise. As the jack touch the vehicle and begins to lift, double-check that it is properly positioned.Changing KIA Sedona wheels7. Remove KIA Sedonas tires.Roll the spare wheel right into position and align the holes in the wheel with the bolts. Then lift increase the wheel and also get at least the top bolt started through that hole. Wiggle the tire and press it ago over the other bolts.Before placing on wheels, remove any type of corrosion on the mounting surfaces with a cable brush or such. Installation of wheel without good metal-to-metal call at the mounting surface can reason wheel nuts to loosen and eventually cause a wheel come come turn off while driving. Therefore after the an initial 1600 km (1000 miles), examine to see that the wheel nuts room tight.—Reinstalling KIA Sedona wheel nuts —Lowering your KIA Sedona 8. Reinstall all the KIA Sedona wheel nuts finger tight.Reinstall the wheel nuts (tapered end inward) and tighten castle as lot as you have the right to by hand. Press back on the tire and see if you have the right to tighten them more.9. Reduced the KIA Sedona totally and tighten the wheel nuts.Turn the jack manage counterclockwise to reduced the vehicle.Use just the wheel nut wrench come tighten the nuts. Do not use other tools or any extr leverage other than her hands, such together a hammer, pipe or her foot. Make sure the wrench is securely engaged over the nut.Tighten every nut a little at a time in the stimulate shown. Repeat the process until all the nuts room tight.—Reinstalling KIA Sedona wheel ornament —After transforming KIA Sedona wheelsKIA Sedona stole wheelsKIA Sedona Aluminum wheels10. Reinstall the KIA Sedona wheel ornament.1. Placed the wheel ornament right into position.Steel wheel models, align the cutout that the wheel ornament through the valve stem together shown.2. Climate tap it firmly through the next or heel of her hand to snap it right into place.11. Examine the KIA Sedona air pressure of the replaced tire.Do not forget to reinstall the tires inflation valve cap as dirt and also moisture might get right into the valve core and possibly cause air leakage. If the cap is missing, have a brand-new one put on as soon as possible.12.

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Restow all the tools, KIA Sedona jack and flat tires securely.As shortly after an altering wheels together possible, tighten the wheel nutsKIA Sedonas v a spare tires of the same size together the installed tires13. Push the KIA Sedona tire press warning mechanism reset switch.KIA Sedona