We space seeking polite WAR artifacts from Kentucky’s afri American ar from the Western theater (AL, FL, GA, IN, KY, LA, MS, NC, SC, TN) to exhibit in ~ our Bardstown Civil war Museum. Photos, letters, uniforms, weapons and other duration artifacts can be donated for a tax deduction or loaned. We room a 501(c)(3) taxation exempt education organization, specialized to preserving and telling the history of our community. Please call Bob Llewellyn at 502.693.0913.

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The Civil battle Museum & the Women’s Museum that the polite War room America’s largest and also most complete Museums devoted to the Western theater of the American civil War. Over 8000 Square feet the authentic duration exhibits call of the struggle in between the forces of the Union and also Confederacy, from the Appalachian hills west to the Mississippi and south come Georgia and the Gulf of Mexico.

The museum are located in downtown Bardstown, Kentucky, in the center of the beautiful Bourbon country. Bardstown is just one hour West of Lexington, off the Bluegrass Parkway, and also 45 minutes southern of Louisville, turn off Highway 65.

The collection of the Civil war Museum contains the flag that raider man Hunt Morgan’s second Kentucky Cavalry, Confederate Brigadier general Lloyd Tilghman’s presentation sword and also a silver flask gift to Confederate basic John C. Breckinridge, the former Vice president of the joined States. The very huge collection is carefully balanced between both Union and Confederate displays. Specialty rooms are collection aside because that the politics of the time, Slavery, Infantry, Cavalry, Artillery and both brown and salt water Navies. Significant in the pho room is man Mosby’s one pounder smooth bore cannon made by Tredegar Iron works of Richmond, Virginia.

The Women’s Museum chronicles the success of ladies of all backgrounds, races and creeds during the 1800’s and Civil War. Success in science, medicine, nursing, writing, journalism, civil rights, suffrage, the arts, army service and more! A compelling women’s empowerment experience. We believe it is the just museum that it’s type in the country.

The Museum’s buildings are nearby to the Old Bardstown Village, a collection of ten initial 18th and 19th Century log structures that form a Colonial period settlement follow me Bardstown’s Museum Row.

If every one of this is no enough, over there is additionally the adjoining The basic Hal Moore armed forces Museum, committed to Bardstown aboriginal Lt. General Hal Moore, U.S. Army, a Vietnam and also Korean battle Hero. He and also his influential wife, “Miss Julie” Moore, were subjects of the book and movie “We to be Soldiers Once and also Young”. Exhibits in this Museum cover conflicts from the American revolution to the Mid-East war of today, and also are focused on the contribute of the countless Kentuckians who served. We have recently increased our World war I exhibit to honor the 100th anniversary of that war.

Tickets are an excellent for two consecutive job to permit time see everything, and they admit tourists to all the Museums. Special prices are given for groups of 20 or more. For an ext information, you re welcome telephone united state at 502-349-0291.

If you room unable come visit, we have actually a Guided tourism DVD of ours Museum is obtainable from ours gift shop.To purchase, contact the museum at (502) 349-0291 or call us on this website.

Admission Prices

(Effective July 1, 2018)Adults: $12.00Children: (6-15 years old) $6.00Children 5 years & under: FREE

Tickets are an excellent for all four venues (Civil battle Museum, historic Bardstown Village, Museum of MidAmerica and Women of the Civil battle Museum) and also are precious for two consecutive job in order to ensure time to reap all museums. Special prices for teams by appointment and school teams welcome through student discounts available. The Museum ticket office is situated at 310 E. Broadway, Bardstown. For questions, please call the Museum at (502) 349-0291. Our special occasions are post on Facebook and also on ours website.

Adult team Prices:Groups of 20 or more, seven days a week, 12 month a year with prior reservations. Please speak to the museum because that pricing and also availability, 502-349-0291.

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School teams / Educational ar Trip Rates: Old Bardstown town Inc* is open up to institution groups/ educational institutes of 20 or more, 7 days a week, 12 month a year with prior reservations. Group per-student price is $5.00 because that all 4 attractions, with parents and also chaperones paying the same price. Teachers and also drivers space complimentary. For information and also reservations please call (502 349-0291 or finish the kind at left.