Before to buy a brand-new laptop the first things we examine are the CPU, RAM, GPU, and Hard Drive. Most buyers don’t look in ~ the battery capacity of the laptop. Have you ever wondered why?

This is since the specs that the GPU, CPU, RAM, and HDD can tell us what programs or games we have the right to run and also store yet the battery volume numbers prefer 3-cell, 4-cell, 52 Wh, 72Wh doesn’t give us any kind of info around the battery life.

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Laptop manufacturers don’t expose the specific battery life that a laptop. They tend to give us a an extremely rough estimate however in genuine life the battery doesn’t execute at that level.

That is why I have written this short article to assist you calculation the battery life that a brand-new as well as a supplied laptop.

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2 What is Watt Hours(Whr or Wh), MilliWatt Hour(mWh or mWhr) and also Milli-Ampere Hour(mAh or mAhr)6 exactly how To uncover Battery Life the A supplied Laptop

What room Laptop Battery Cells?

The battery capacity of a laptop is mentioned in the kind of Whr and number of cells.

You will view the battery specification that a laptop denoted together 56 Whr 3-Cell or 72 Whr 6-cell, etc. However what carry out these Whr and number of cells mean?

A single Cell consists of 2 batteries that are associated in series. So, a laptop through a 3-cell battery consists of 3 pairs of cells that are connected in series to consist of the whole battery.

Similarly, a 4-cell battery is composed of 4 bag of cells, a 9-cell battery is composed of 9 bag of cells and so on.

Greater the number of laptop battery cells higher is the battery life of the laptop. So, a 54 Whr 6-cell battery has actually a higher capacity than a 54 Whr 4-cell battery.

What is Watt Hours(Whr or Wh), MilliWatt Hour(mWh or mWhr) and also Milli-Ampere Hour(mAh or mAhr)

Watt-hours, milliwatt hours and milliampere-hours space units of power consumption. Because that a laptop battery, the denotes the battery capacity. The battery capacity provides you the quantity of power that have the right to be stored and supplied in one hour.

A 54 Whr battery method that the battery have the right to store a preferably of 54 watt in one hour and also the battery can supply a maximum power of 54 watts in one hour.

There are two much more units in which battery capacity have the right to be denoted mWh and mAh. You can easily transform them indigenous one unit to one more by the complying with formulas.

How To adjust Whr come mAh

1 mAh = ( 1000 * Whr ) / V where V denotes the Voltage of her Laptop Battery.

So, a 48 Whr battery with a voltage of 16 V offers us ( 1000 * 48 ) / 16 = 3000 mAh.

How To adjust mAh come Whr

1 Whr = ( mAh * V ) / 1000 wherein V denotes Voltage that Laptop battery.

So, a 3000 mAh battery v a voltage of 16 V offers us ( 3000 * 16 ) / 1000 = 48 Whr.

How To change mWh come Whr and Whr come mWh

1 mWh = ( 1 Whr / 1000 )

So, a 42 Whr battery is same to ( 42 / 1000 ) = 0.042 mWh.

1 Whr = 1 mWh * 1000

A 0.054 mWh battery is equal to ( 0.054 * 1000 ) = 54 Whr.

How To inspect Laptop Battery Voltage

The battery Voltage of a Laptop is not mentioned in the laptop specifications for the battery section. Lock only mention the variety of cells and also the capacity in Whr. There is no mention of voltage.

But, you have the right to easily uncover the battery voltage of your laptop using two ways.

The an initial way is by opening the earlier cover of your laptop and checking the voltage written on the battery. This deserve to be tough for some human being who are not tech-savvy. Yet don’t worry since the second method is easier than this.

Second means to examine the battery voltage is by downloading a software referred to as BatteryInfoView.

BatteryInfoView is a software application that provides you a the majority of information around the laptop battery. It offers you info around Battery Voltage, Battery Health, complete Charge Capacity, design Capacity, Battery undertake Level, present Capacity and a lot more.


You have the right to use the full Charge capacity to estimate the existing battery life of your laptop making use of the formula I shared before.

How lengthy Does A Laptop Battery Last?

The life of a laptop battery relies on a many of factors like usage, the variety of charge-discharge cycles left, Battery wear Level, battery fee capacity and other factors.

A typical Lithium-Ion Laptop battery lasts for about 3-5 years depending on the determinants mentioned above. It deserve to last for fewer year if you use a laptop with much less battery capacity and use that heavily.

If us talk about battery life climate an typical laptop battery big for about 7-8 hours without hefty usage. Ns am talk about an easy web searching without doing any type of heavy tasks.

If you play games and use 3D calculation software choose Autodesk Maya then the laptop battery won’t last also an hour.

The battery life also depends ~ above the battery offered by her laptop manufacturer. Work laptop computers like Lenovo Yoga Ultrabooks have a battery life of about 12 hours whereas gaming laptop computers like Razer tongue 15 have a battery life of about 5-6 hours.

How To attain Maximum Battery Life On your Laptop

The battery life of her laptop can be enhanced by adhering to these methods.

(a) use Your Laptop On short Brightness. That will conserve the battery and also is also an excellent for her eyes.

(b) If you’re not playing games then usage Battery saving or power Saving mode to do your day-to-day tasks.

(c) If you’re not making use of the WiFi climate you can turn ~ above the Aeroplane setting to save battery.

(d) plugin your charger prior to the battery level reaches listed below 50% come decrease the rate of charge-discharge cycles and also increase her battery life.

(e) Don’t play games or run 3D calculation software once your laptop is no plugged into Charge.


Determining battery life utilizing software and also formulas space not the many effective. This are just estimates and also don’t guarantee an accurate value.

The best method to recognize the battery life is through looking in ~ reviews for the laptop you want to buy.

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If you already have a laptop then you have the right to easily uncover out the battery life by measuring the fee consumed by various tasks.

One important thing you need to keep an eye top top is the Battery wear Level. You can inspect it using the BatteryInfoView software.