60 yards is 54.864 meters, which is practically equivalent to the rarely hosted indoor 55 meter dash. The 60 meter dash is the indoor standard today. Please don’t forget the crash mats!

Why a 60 garden test for baseball? everyone knows it’s 90 feet between bases or 30 yards, for this reason in theory, second base is “only” 60 yards,


If you space trying come beat out a ground round with a beat at an initial base, that operation would easily be 30 yards, or 90 feet in a right line. A dual or triple involves running in a bent fashion, sort of like question mark (?)… girlfriend would start straight from house plate, then run wide to touch the bag at first base in a bent fashion.

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Thus the 60 yard dash is only an important to present straight line direct speed and really nothing else. What is vital is the ability to score from second base to home plate through two outs!Most significant League Baseball (MLB) clubs look because that times under 7.00 seconds. A 60 garden dash time in between 6.7 – 6.9 normally equate come an median runner ~ above the play field.

In 2006, 189 various players were timed for 60 yards in ~ the Puma All-American occasion in Tuscon, AZ. Only 14 players to be timed in ~ 6.99 or faster (or around 7.5% who confirmed up because that the test).

The 60 Yard experimentation protocol is very similar to a 40 garden dash where you start from a comfortable stationary 3-point view position.

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How rapid is a sub 7 2nd 60 garden dash?

If girlfriend go against my old Canadian university equivalents:

50m -> 55m = add 0.555.80 -> 6.35

55m -> 60m = include 0.546.35 -> 6.89

So, a 7.54 (or 7.3 HT) because that a Track and Field 60 meter gyeongju would provide you a below 7 second 55 meter time, or a 60 yard dash (the distinction is just 13 cm or 5 inches). Mine PB because that 55 meters is 6.70 secs (FAT), set at Dartmouth College as soon as they ran 55 meters.

But girlfriend still have to throw a baseball, and hit one in ~ 90mph! That’s another story, i beg your pardon is why I never ever played expert baseball.

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How do you ridge up? Remember, no one ever before stole very first base!

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