Round cakes and also funny shaped cakes space quite challenging to cut and also divide increase equally. And when you use a round tin, you’re just not do the many of the room inside your oven.

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Moreover sometimes you finish up wasting cake mixture due to the fact that there’s just too lot mixture over there for your round tin.

But don’t problem - yes a solution.


All you have to do is gain one or more 9 x 13 inch cake pans.

That method not only do you make the many of all the room in your oven, however you additionally make the cake considerably easier to cut and divide equally. It’s simply what you require when you have actually a big event to bake for.

So if that’s the type of point you’re spring for, you’ve absolutely come come the right place. We’ve been exploring some the the best 9 x 13 customs cake pans ~ above the industry today.

And then we handpicked our favourite 6 cake pans to present you. Ours reviews space coming up next.

And ~ that, we have a rapid buying guide for you, laying out all the an essential things to think about when deciding i m sorry cake pan come buy.

And without more ado, let’s gain straight come it.

OUR height PICK


" data-wpel-link="external">USA Pan rectangle-shaped Cake Pan

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Farberware Nonstick Bakeware Baking Pan through Lid

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Wilton Recipe ideal Non-Stick 9 x 13-Inch Pan

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OUR height PICK

USA Pan rectangle-shaped Cake Pan


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When we experienced the customer ratings ~ above this beauty, we could see that warranted additional investigation.

There have actually been fine over 6,500 individual client ratings on Amazon, however the mean customer rating still comes out at a whopping 5 complete stars out of 5. That’s rather rare, so we were impressed.

And the customers rated it between 4.5 and also 5 stars for numerous important features, namely heat distribution, sturdiness, basic to remove, simple to use, straightforward to clean and also durability.

As the name suggests, the pan is manufactured right right here in the USA. And it"s a really good, well-established brand too.

It’s made of advertising grade, heavy gauge aluminized steel, which makes it an especially sturdy and durable.

It has actually a special patented silicone nonstick coating, dubbed Americoat. And this prevents even the stickiest of foods sticking come the pan, and also instead provides an extremely easy relax of foods items from the pans.

This way that you don’t have to line the pan through baking file if friend don’t want to. This also in turn provides the pan straightforward to clean.

Another point that’s different around this cake pan is the it has actually a corrugated interior, ~ above both the bottoms and also the sides. This prevents any knife from making scratches in the pan together you reduced your small goods, as the knife merely can’t penetrate as deeply. Therefore it stays in an excellent condition.

This corrugated design likewise gives it far better warp resistance for included durability.

And that’s not all, the fluted corrugated design also way you get much better air circulation come facilitate also heating.

It’s also totally free of nasty chemicals such together PTFE, PFOA and also BPA.

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You can likewise buy this pan in various sizes and also shapes. But what’s much more impressive is that it come backed through a lifetime warranty.


Has exceptional customer ratingsHas a unique nonstick interiorCorrugated internal for ideal resultsComes through a life time warranty


Some customers recommend going because that the brand lasagna pan fairly than their cake pan