The heater main point in her 1998 Chevy S10 Blazer is radiator-style unit, supplied to warm the inner cabin of her truck. Engine coolant flows, continuously, indigenous the lower radiator water tap to, and through, the heater core, bring about the unit to heat. An attached fan pressures heated air with the heater main point fins and into the cabin as soon as the heater is on. A faulty heater core leaks coolant top top the within floorboard ~ above the front passenger’s side, signaling that a replacement is needed. Replacing the heater core can be a complicated, time-consuming repair, together it is concealed behind the passenger’s side dashboard.

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Heater main point Removal

Put on your safety and security glasses and rubber gloves. Progressive the hood, and also disconnect the battery cables, making use of the socket wrench. Location the recycling container under the radiator drain plug to catch the drained coolant.

Take turn off the radiator fill cap to relax the press in the cooling system. Ease the radiator drainpipe plug, utilizing a socket wrench, to drain out the radiator fluid, and also re-tighten it. Leaving the recycling container in location to capture the overabundance coolant sit in the lower radiator hose.

Disconnect the lower radiator hose, where it attaches come the radiator. Drainpipe the excess liquid into the recycling container.

Locate the heater main point intake and return water tap lines the protrude with the passenger’s side firewall the the engine compartment. Detach the hoses from the core nipple by boring the relax clip with a flat-head screwdriver, while turning the hose, counterclockwise, and also pulling that off, through hand.

Take out the Torx screws, situated under the front dashboard lip, which organize the dashboard soft covering in place. Remove the under mounting bolts, which attach the dashboard framework to the internal firewall. This enables the entire dashboard assembly to swing free, providing accessibility to the heater cover and also core assembly bottom from the windshield.

Remove the heater core intake and also return hoses from the core nipple by publication the squeeze out clamps, using channel-lock pliers. Squeeze out the clamp, and slide and twist the hose, as you pull them off.

Remove mounting bolts hold the heater core cover in place, using swivel sockets and extensions. Take out the mounting bolts it is registered the heater core to the interior firewall. Disconnect the electrical wiring harness. Practice the old unit upward and outward, toward the windshield.

Heater main point Installation

Install the instead of heater main point downward from the windshield. Mount the unit, using its bolts.

Reattach the return and intake hoses. The hoses are different sizes, therefore you can not erroneously cross them. Reattach the heater main point cover and bolt in place. Reconnect the electrical wiring harness. Reattach, mount and also bolt in place the dashboard frame and also soft cover.

Reconnect the intake and also return hoses, situated in the engine compartment, in ~ the firewall. Snap the hoses into the main point nipple. Attach the reduced radiator water tap to the radiator, and also secure it, in place, utilizing the squeeze-type hose clamp.

Fill the radiator with a 55/45 mixture of brand-new antifreeze and distilled water. Reconnect the battery, and also start the engine. Enable it to run for ten minutes to flush the end trapped air in ~ the cooling system.

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Test the replacement heater main point by transforming the heater on and off, continually, while observing the change in temperature. Check for leaks at every hose connections and the passenger’s next floorboard.