Part that the charm in owning a European automobile is finding every one of its quirks. You have the right to sit in a Mitsubishi Mirage or Chevy Cobalt and also never remotely find anything the same, similar thing clever engineering, however I always seem to it is in finding new things in Volvos, Audis, and BMWs. Whether it it is in a center-visor above the rearview mirror in an Audi A4, or appreciating Volvo"s headlight wipers top top a sleety night, I constantly feel prefer there room easter-eggs hidden everywhere thesecars that I need to find.

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One clever annoyance in mine "99 S70 is the organization reminder light. This light method nothing other than the reality that 5000 miles have actually passed since it uncomfortable me the critical time. However, it can be beneficial if you"re ~ above a 5000 mile oil readjust interval and don"t prefer to keep records.

You can constantly pull the bulb

To reset that on a "99-00 S70, V70 or C70, put the key in the ignition. Organize the trip respond to reset button, and also turn the vital to place 2 while tho holding the reset button. As soon as the company light blinks a few times, release the reset switch first, then rotate the ignition off. Turn on the vehicle to verify a effective reset.

If you"re running a 1998 version of these vehicles, well, you"re rather out of luck. Friend can constantly pull the bulb the end of the cluster if you don"t desire to be bothered by it - that won"t influence anything. Over there are likewise service reset devices designed come reset this light, but they might only be expense effective if you"ve obtained a couple of of this vehicles in service.

Follow me home lights

The follow me home function is something friend may uncover utterly useless or completely valuable relying on how and where friend park. My 2013 VW CC will store the lamp on because that 10-20 secs after I gain out the the car, which helps me acquire to my residence without tripping end a jack, talk wrench, or anything else i left on the garage floor the night before. This feature is conventional on "99-00 Volvos, and you most likely never knew it was also there without learning this trick.

After transforming off the vehicle and also removing the key, connect the high beam switch, then relax it. (Don"t bump it as if you to be flashing them, totally pull the high beam stalk towards you) The headlights will certainly turn back on and also automatically rotate off after 30 seconds. It"s a an excellent way to light your path if friend park in a sketchy or dimly lit area. Again, 1998 owners get the column on this one. You"ll require a headlight relay indigenous a "99-00 car to permit this function in her car.

Remove the panel on the driver"s side cowl fusebox to accessibility this relay, it"s the green 104/108 relay ~ above a "98.

green headlight relay in a 1998 Volvo S70, remove to download a gray "Follow me home" 99-00 relay.

Secret storage

Sedans have a neat little cubby behind the behind seats to organize your OEM Volvo tool Pouch, or roadside necessities if you acquire stranded this Winter. Ns didn"t even notice this till I had actually the auto for a few months, no one did i realize mine Volvo 850 Wagon had actually a developed in "pet net" in each rear seat.

will it rattle? that course.

A little one-on-one time through your Volvo deserve to reveal some mildly exciting features. As a vehicle that supplied to be called a "Compact executive, management Sedan," I"d suppose nothing less. Keeping this vehicle quiet and also refined has offered me just that, and it"s to be a comfortable, quirky Winter ride for me that I"ve no doubt got much more to uncover on.

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Did I miss anything?

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