Physics testimonial QuestionUnit: MechanicsYear: 1991 Question#: 6Question: A son riding a bicycle at 15 meter per second decelerates in ~ the price of 3.0 meters per second2 because that 4.0 seconds. What is the child"s rate at the finish of the 4.0 seconds?(1 ) 12 m/s(2 ) 27 m/s(3 ) 3.0 m/s(4 ) 7.0 m/sWhat is this concern really asking? Explanation by: Alon B< Return to question menu > Answer 1 12 m/sINCORRECTThis answer is incorrect. That looks like you found the adjust in velocity but a adjust is not the very same thing as the last velocity. If you room using the acceleration formula make sure your number for acceleration has actually a minus in former of it due to the fact that the boy is decelerating. This is the formula you want to be using.return come top Answer 227 m/sINCORRECTThis price is incorrect because if you provided the appropriate equation (acceleration) and also plugged in the best numbers girlfriend shouldn"t be getting 27 m/s. That looks choose you added your readjust in velocity to the initial velocity instead of individually them. When you room using the acceleration formula make certain your number because that acceleration has a minus in front of it due to the fact that the kid is decelerating. Return to top Answer 3 3.0 m/sCORRECT This prize is the exactly one. The formula acceleration = last velocity - early stage velocity / readjust in time will give the correct answer 3.0 m/s. ( -3 = Vf - 15m/s separated by 4s)return to top Answer 4 7.0 m/sINCORRECTThis answer is incorrect since if you supplied the right equation (acceleration) and plugged in the ideal numbers girlfriend shouldn"t be gaining 7.0 m/s.

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Looks choose you may have included the accceleration to the time.return come top What"s this inquiry really asking?This inquiry is questioning wether or no you know a means to discover the final velocity while learning the acceleration, and change in time and also the early stage velocity. That is necessary to psychic that when decelerating the number will constantly be a an unfavorable number.return to top



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