Answer:Four. (in the order they to be bought) 2014 Kawasaki Ninja 300, 2008 Suzuki GSXR 600, 2012 Yamaha WR250R, 2005 Honda CRF 450x

3. What is your present bike?( and also which was her favorite? Why? any bike in details that girlfriend DISLIKE? )

Answer:I still own all the bikes other than the Kawasaki Ninja 300. My favourite is the Yamaha WR250R since I can go both ~ above the street and in the dirt. I don"t dislike any kind of of them. I love bikes!


4. What made you want to ride a bike? have actually you made any kind of long street trips with it yet? execute you have any kind of planned?

Answer:I"ve always had a liking in the direction of bikes however wasn"t maybe to begin until i made sufficient money to buy my own.

My parents weren"t exactly on board v letting your teenage daughter have actually a motorcycle at the time. The furthest I"ve travel on bike to be up to large Sur, CA native Orange County, CA.

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I don"t right now have any trips planned.

5. Most memorable ride, day and who was through you at that time?

Answer:Most memorable drive so much was around a month ago. Ns rode v a girlfriend of mine (Vroomvroomdana) and also my boyfriend Brian in Lake Elsinore, CA and also learnedhow to run my bike in the dirt for the first time. The day was most likely the many dirt talk I"ve ever before done. Currently I"m addicted! I find myself continuous looking approximately for weird trails to explore on my method to work.


6. Would certainly you drive a different type of bike, i.e. Cruiser if you have actually a sports bike or sport bike if you have a cruiser.

Answer:Of course! I originally learned just how to ride on a Honda Rebel during my MSF course.

7. If you have to pick one protective gear prior to hitting the road what would it be? Jacket, Helmet, Glove, .... ?

Answer:Most likelymy helmet. That"s the one thing that will keep me lively if noþeles happens.


8. Whats her dream bike and also or following bike?

Answer:This is a difficult one. There are a lot of bikes i want. I guess my following bike would have to be one of two people the Husqvarna 501 or the Yamaha FZ-09

9. What kind of rider execute you think friend are? (Aggressive, conservative, suggest A – B )

Answer:I would need to say I"m fifty percent conservative and fifty percent aggressive. Contrasted to many riders, I"m no afraid to wheelie mine bike or learn things the most people would take into consideration aggressive.


At the very same time, I"m no constantly attack the streets and dragging knee ~ above every turn.

10. What made you want to ride and also commit to the motorcycle lifestyle? any regrets?

Answer:Growing up i just had actually an odd interest in motorcycles and also would continuous daydream around one job owning my own. After ns bought the Ninja 300, it to be over. The bike life had actually taken me.

11. Do you think riding Motorcycle is an advantage over the Cagers. ?

Answer:Definitely yes. Walking from suggest A - B is a million times more fun and also traffic is never ever an issue.


12. What advice perform you great you knew, as soon as you first started out? any type of other pieces of wisdom?

Answer:I great I had known to start off top top a supplied bike rather of to buy a new one particularly if it"s in the 300 class. That"s a bike world often buy new and outgrow within 6 months.

Selling that is a lot of harder once it"s financed.

13. Concerning those who don’t exercise ATGATT, how do friend feel about them? perform you encourage it?

Answer:I don"t have a difficulty with castle whatsoever. Everyone has actually their very own views and reasons, although it is absolutely not something ns encourage. I recognize what the feels prefer to crash and also theroad rashes is not WORTH IT.


14. Once do you think you’ll prevent riding? whenever soon?

Answer:I will never stop riding. Unless I"m pregnant clearly haha.


15. We recognize it’s a yes, really painful topic come revisit, yet have you ever before gone down?

Answer:Yes. Twice. Once was 15mph in a hairpin turn. Luckily it was yes, really minor, no injuries and no website traffic on the road. The only thing that took damage was mine GSXR.

The left next is completely scraped up. The second time, was throughout wheelie exercise on the WR250R. I remained in closed off area behind some corporate buildings lateat night, and also I looped the bike when learning exactly how to transition into third gear in ~ balance point. I was wearing all of my gear and the bike had barely any type of damage. This is alsowhy the supermoto is favourite bike currently.

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16. Last and also not least, as a fun question- is there anything rather you’d still prefer to execute on a bike? choose a riders bucket list?

Answer: I want to travel across the US. Most likely not top top the sportbike or the supermoto haha.