A weak clues in the crust whereby magma has involved the surface.

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The molten mixture of rock-forming substances, gases, and also water native the mantle.
LavaLiquid magma that reaches the surface; additionally the rock developed when liquid lava hardens.
Ring the FireA significant belt of volcanoes the rims the Pacific Ocean.
Hot SpotAn area where magma native deep in ~ the mantle melts with the crust above it.
Physical PropertyAny characteristic of a substance that can be it was observed or measure without changing the composition of the substance.
Chemical PropertyAny residential or commercial property of a substance that produces a adjust in the ingredient of matter.
ViscosityThe resistance that a liquid to flowing.
SilicaA material found in magma that is developed from the aspects oxygen and silicon.
A hot, fast-moving form of lava that hardens to kind smooth, rope like coils.
AAA slow-moving form of lava the hardens to kind rough chunks; cooler 보다 pahoehoe.
ElementA substance the cannot be damaged down into other substances.
CompoundA substance in which 2 or more elements are chemically joined.
Magma ChamberThe bag beneath a volcano whereby magma collects.
PipeA long tube through which magma moves from the magma chamber to earth surface.
VentThe opening v which molten rock and gas leave a volcano.
CraterA bowl-shaped area that forms around a volcano’s central opening.
DormantDescribes a volcano that is not right now active, but that might become active in the future.
ExtinctDescribes a volcano the is no longer active and is unlikely to erupt again.
Shield Volcano,
A wide, gently sloping mountain made of layers of lava and also formed by quiet eruptions.
Cinder Cone VolcanoA steep, cone-shaped hill or tiny mountain do of volcanic ash, cinders, and also bombs piled up about a volcano's opening.
Composite Volcano,
A tall, cone-shaped hill in which layers of lava alternating with layers of ash and other volcano materials.
CalderaThe big hole in ~ the peak of a volcano developed when the roof the a volcano’s magma chamber collapses.
BatholithA massive of rock created when a big body the magma cools inside the crust.
A fractional of water and heavy steam that builds up pressure underground and also erupts at constant intervals..

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Volcanic NeckA deposit the hardened magma in a volcano’s pipe.