A multimovement programmatic occupational for orchestra is called: a regime symphony. The symphony to be a new genre in the Romantic era. False. The purity the Brahms's timeless style and also his mastery the musical architecture brought the closer to the spirit of Beethoven than any kind of of his contemporaries.A multimovement programmatic work-related for orchestra is called: a program symphony. Baba Yaga to be the witch in Grimm's tale "Hansel and also Gretel." False "The Mighty Five" to be composers from: Russia. A item of program music for orchestra in one activity that, through number of contrasting sections, establishes a poetic idea or argues a scene or moodMultimovement orchestral job-related whose type is based upon programmatic concepts. Third, of a multimovement piece. The type is ABA, v a trio inserted between the scherzo and also its repeat. Definition. Scherzo: Term. Set of songs by one composer, often using messages all by the exact same poet. Definition. Song cycle: Term. One-movement orchestral piece_____ is a multimovement work for an instrumental soloist and orchestra is dubbed 1 view answer reanjohnuoxjnrc reanjohnuoxjnrc Concerto is a multi-movement work-related for an crucial soloist and also orchestra. It is a classical type of music intended primarily to give focus on the personality of the solo instrument and to showcase theA symphonic city is a multimovement programmatic job-related for orchestra. 6 expression of nationalism were much more prevalent in Romantic music than in works of the classic period. 7. Nationalism found natural expression in music, among other arts. 8.

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Multimovement programmatic orchestral occupational (19thc0  regimen music o instrumental music endowed with literary/pictorial assosiations activity  complete self-contained part within a bigger musical work Hector Berlioz Hector Berlioz (1803-1869) Symphonie Fantastique 5 motions 1. Reveries, Passions 2. A round 3. Step in the areas 4.A _____ is a multimovement programmatic orchestral work. Pick one: a. Symphony b. Symphonic city c. Routine symphony d. Concerto. C. Program symphonyCantata: A musical job-related for soloists and also chorus, often with orchestral accompaniment. Chamber Music: Music, especially instrumental ensemble music, intended for performance in a personal room. Chant: is the rhythmic speaking or to sing of words or sounds, either on a solitary pitch or v a simple melody entailing a restricted set the notes and also oftenA multimovement, programmatic work-related for orchestra is dubbed a: regime symphony. I m sorry of the complying with composers is thought about the very first great exponent of musical Romanticism in France? Berlioz. Hector Berlioz was born and spent many of his career in: France. I beg your pardon of the adhering to is not characteristic the the music the Berlioz?

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A ________ is a multimovement programmatic orchestral work.Select one:a. Symphonyb. Symphonic poemc. Program symphonyd. Concerto

c. Regimen symphony

Berlioz"s father intended him to follow in his footsteps as a

select one:a. Composer.b. Physician.c. Baker.d. Music critic.

b. Physician.

In the 4th movement the Berlioz"s Symphonie fantasique, what does the loud chord automatically after the solo clarinet"s explain of the idée fixe represent?Select one:a. The last image of his belovedb. The fall of the guillotine"s bladec. The witches in ~ the composer"s funerald. His awakening native the dream

b. The fall of the guillotine"s blade

In which activity does Berlioz use the die irae ("Day the Wrath")?Select one:a. Firstb. Secondc. Fourthd. Fifth

d. Fifth

March come the Scaffold and Dream of a Witches" Sabbath embody the Romantic era"s fascinating withSelect one:a. The Bohemian artist.b. Beethoven"s ninth Symphony.c. Shakespeare.d. The grotesque and supernatural.

d. The grotesque and supernatural.

Music lacking any literary or pictorial association is calledSelect one:a. Absolute music.b. Regimen music.c. Incidental music.d. Chamber music.

a. Pure music.

Instrumental music that has some literature or pictorial association is dubbed _____ music.Select one:a. Absoluteb. Programc. Chamberd. Pure

b. Program

Symphonie fantastique is comprised of how numerous movements?Select one:a. Oneb. Threec. Fourd. Five

d. Five

The appearances the the recurring theme in Symphonie fantastique are varied in harmony, rhythm, meter, tempo, dynamics, register, and instrumental color. This is known asSelect one:a. Subject transformation.b. Personality development.c. Theme and variations form.d. All possible answers.

a. Thematic transformation.

The die irae heard in Berlioz"s Symphonie fantastique isSelect one:a. A recurring theme.b. A motive that represents the beloved.c. The well-known religious plainchant tune.d. The idée fixe.

c. The well-known spiritual plainchant tune

The idée fixe

select one:a. Is a recurring engine that appears in every movement.b. Represents the beloved.c. Represents Harriet Smithson.d. All feasible answers.

d. All feasible answers.

The impetus for Berlioz"s Symphonie fantastique wasSelect one:a. The composer Clara Schumann.b. The writer George Sand.c. The actress Harriet Smithson.d. The playwright Victor Hugo.

c. The actress Harriet Smithson.

The main theme, heard changed in each activity of Berlioz"s Symphonie fantastique, is referred to as theSelect one:a. Subject.b. Idée fixe.c. Dies irae.d. "fate motive."

b. Idée fixe.

What gave Hector Berlioz the opportunity to work in Italy?Select one:a. Winning the Prix de Romeb. A rich patronc. Ending up being a canon the the Churchd. Commissions from La Scala

a. Winning the Prix de Rome

Which explains the character of the fourth movement the Symphonie fantastique?

choose one:a. A pastoral sceneb. A diabolical marchc. A witches" orgyd. A ball

b. A diabolical march

Which defines the genre of Berlioz"s Symphonie fantastique?

choose one:a. Routine symphonyb. Symphonic poemc. Concert overtured. Incidental music

a. Regime symphony

Which necessary events happen in the an initial movement the Symphonie fantastique?Select one:a. The artist dreams that he has killed his beloved; that hears the idée fixe because that an instant.b. The artist meets the beloved and is influenced at once; the idée fixe is introduced.c. On a summer evening, the artist watch the beloved native afar; a shepherd plays the idée fixe.d. The artist meets the beloved at a ball; the idée fixe is in waltz time.

b. The artist meets the beloved and is influenced at once; the idée fixe is introduced.

Which the the complying with is an element of routine music?Select one:a. Literary or photographic associationsb. Location or explanatory notec. Suggests certain characters and also eventsd. All feasible answers.

d. All feasible answers.

Which explain is not true?Select one:a. Berlioz to be a devoted fan of Beethoven.b. Berlioz looked to the works of Shakespeare together the basis for both operas and also symphonic works.c. Berlioz created for the biggest orchestra that had ever before been offered up to that point.d. Symphonie fantastique to be Berlioz"s only programmatic work.

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d. Symphonie fantastique to be Berlioz"s only programmatic work.

Who was Harriet Smithson?Select one:a. A top composer of program musicb. A touring concert pianistc. Berlioz"s patrond. A shakespearean actress

d. A shak spa actress

Who to be the an initial great proponent of music Romanticism in France?Select one:a. Hector Berliozb. Felix Mendelssohnc. Franz Lisztd. Clara Schumann

a. Hector Berlioz

Berlioz"s Symphonie fantastique is associated to the composer"s personal life.Select one:TrueFalse


Instrumental music that has some literature or photographic association is pure music.Select one:TrueFalse


One the Berlioz"s vital areas of development was orchestration.Select one:TrueFalse


The revolutions of the addressed idea in Berlioz"s Symphonie fantastique take it on literary as well as musical significance.Select one:TrueFalse


A multimovement programmatic work-related for orchestra is called ...
A multimovement programmatic job-related for orchestra is referred to as ...