new York City is located on the east Atlantic coastline of the unified States, in ~ the mouth of the Hudson River. The city center resides at the precise location the 40 degrees, 42 minutes, 51 seconds N latitude, and 74 degrees, 0 minutes 23 seconds W longitude. New York City is made of five boroughs be separated by assorted waterways. Brooklyn and also Queens accounting the western part of long Island, when Staten Island and also Manhattan room compeletely top top their own land mass. Bronx, to the north, remains attached come the new York State mainland.

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The island the Manhattan is largely a protrusion the granite, increasing a couple of hundred feet native sea-level. The southerly tip and center of the island room virtually heavy granite, while locations in Greenwich town and Chelsea are composed that softer soil. Together a an outcome of this geologic arrangement, Manhattan"s tallest structures are located in this two large "rocky" areas.

Manhattan is flanked ~ above its west next by the Hudson River, and on the east side by the Harlem river (on the north) and the east River (on the south).

Manhattan"s street layout consists primarily that avenues and also streets. The room between methods is generally much bigger than the an are between roadways (roughly 3x).

Avenues operation North-South, starting with 1st Avenue on the eastern Side, and also going westward to 12th Avenue. Streets operation East-West, beginning with first Street in Greenwich Village, and increase in value up to 220th Street in ~ the north reminder of Manhattan.

General locations in Manhattan

Below 1st Street is taken into consideration to be the Downtown area the Manhattan 1st come 14th Street contains the basic "Village" area. The area west the Broadway is Greenwich Village, and to the east is east Village. 14th come 34th Street west that Broadway is Chelsea, known for its big loft apartments and studios. 34th come 59th Street is typically regarded as "Midtown" 59th to 110th Street includes the top West Side and also Upper eastern Side, respectively. In between the 2 lies the green oasis of main Park. 110th come 145th Street lies the town of Harlem 145th come 220th Street has actually no unique designation, yet does contain the community of Washington Heights and also the Cloisters.


Brooklyn was largely a marshland prior to it was worked out in the so late 1600s. The Dutch to be the first settlers native the old civilization to colonize this borough in the 17th century. Back they common the land v British settlers, the Dutch culture was the leading one well right into the 19th century. When very first asked to join brand-new York city as a borough in 1833, Brooklyn refused. Brooklyn, in a near vote, did not decide to end up being a part of brand-new York City until 1898.

Today, Brooklyn is a borough of plenty of neighborhoods, each with its own strong ethnic flavor. It"s very rare to discover a brand-new Yorker whose household has been living in America for an ext than one generation who didn"t have an ancestor that lived in Brooklyn in ~ some allude in your life.

General locations in Brooklyn

Brooklyn Heights North Brooklyn Institute Park Park Slope and also Prospect Park South Brooklyn and Coney Island


The borough of emperors was named after the mam of Charles II of England, Queen Catherine of Braganza in 1683. The area became a borough of new York City in 1898 and rapid economic and also physical growth followed the merger. At the beginning of the 17th century, monarchs was inhabited largely by farms and was mostly rural. During the 18th century, the area started to experience growth in the area of manufacturing along the shores of the eastern river. ~ the mergers with new York City the development that had already begun boosted at an ever-increasing rate.

The area has been really popular for brand-new immigrants in the past fifty percent of this century and also is largely separation up into different ethnic areas that feel an extremely much prefer the home nations of the civilization that live there. There space very few inter-racial areas in Queens and the brand-new immigrants that concerned live below tend to congregate in their own areas.

new York"s two significant airports are situated in queens together with a most the industry in new York City. Monarchs is linked physically to lengthy Island.

General areas in Queens

Flushing Corona Park Astoria Long Island City Hunter"s Point Jamaica Ridgewood Southern Queens


The Bronx is the residence of brand-new York"s two greatest landmarks, the Bronx Zoo and Yankee Stadium.

The area was called after the dutch settler Jonas Bronck, that had claimed the area together his farm earlier in 1636. The Bronx is the just borough of brand-new York that is physically linked to the mainland of the joined States. The borough was greatly undeveloped and also consisted mostly of cottages, farmlands, and wild marshes until a big swell that Irish and Italian immigrants lived in the area. Immigrant still concerned the Bronx, however today they space Russian and also Hispanic.

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General areas in the Bronx

Van Cortlandt Park Pelham only Park South Bronx

Staten Island

The 16th century Florentine explorer Giovanni Da Verrazano is generally considered to be dad of Staten Island since he sailed into brand-new York port in 1524 and also landed top top the Island. In 1687 the duke of York available the island together a compensation in a sailing competition i beg your pardon the team native Manhattan won. Since that time, Manhattan has claimed the island as its own. Until 1713, as soon as the first public ferry was began to the island, there to be no means to get ago and forth uneven you had a boat. Finally, in 1964 the Verrazano-Narrows leg was developed by Othmar Amman. The bridge made it reasonably easy come travel ago and forth.

"From the meeting of lord Howe, john Adams, and also Benjamin Franklin to the brothers occupation or the heavy defense that the harbor throughout the civil War, Staten Island is a ar steeped in the annals that history. Good men have inhabited the island. Vanderbilt thrived up top top the island and Henry David Thoreau and Ralph Waldo Emerson both spent much time ~ above the island. Lock praised the beauty beauty of the landscape, call Staten Island "a little piece of the nation in the city"." (thanks to James Finn for this Staten Island info)