Anyone that loves sports and also enjoys safety time outdoors must have an Academy gift map lying around. If you own one, girlfriend should examine how lot money you have actually on your offered gift card and also figure out how to usage the staying balance. Options are many, and also if friend don’t desire to spend the remaining amount, you deserve to turn it right into cash.

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How perform the Academy Gift Cards Work?

Academy gift cards can be loaded with quantities from $5 come $1,500. They can be to buy on the Academy website or at the adhering to places:

Academy storesTom ThumbAlbertsonsKrogerOffice Depot

You deserve to use Academy gift cards to purchase miscellaneous sports gear and also handy outdoor devices at the Academy stores or digital shop. In case your map is lost, stolen, or damaged in any way, girlfriend won’t be able to get a refund for it.

How To perform an Academy Gift map Balance Check

Want to recognize the easiest means to see exactly how much funds you have actually left on your Academy gift card? has your back!

You can inspect your Academy gift map balance in several ways:

OnlineVia phoneIn person

Check your Academy Gift map Balance Online

If you desire to examine your Academy gift card balance online, walk to the official company website and:

Scroll come the bottom that the house pageClick top top Check Gift map Balance located under the Services sectionEnter your gift card number and also PINHit Check Balance

Check your Academy Gift card Balance via Phone

To examine your continuing to be balance ~ above the Academy gift card, follow this steps:

Call 1-888-922-2336Ask around your balance as soon as the customer service representative picks upProvide your info such together name and also surname, your credit transaction card number, and also PIN

Check her Academy Gift map Balance in Person

Inquiring around the staying balance on your Academy gift map in person will need you to:

Visit the closest store to youAsk the cashier to check your gift map balanceShow them her ID and give them her card

How To usage the remaining Balance ~ You execute the Academy Gift card Balance Check

After you’ve confirm your balance, you have actually a couple of ways come go about using it. examine out the table below for details:

How To use the remaining BalanceDetails
Spend the moneySurprise a girlfriend by visiting one Academy store or the webshop and also buy castle a present. Girlfriend can additionally treat yourself to a brand-new fishing pole or running shoes
Visit an exchange kioskGo come the nearest gift card exchange kiosk and also instantly offer your gift card and also get cash
Trade her cardExchange her card for cash at among the stores that sell credits for gift cards, such together Target

Can you Redeem your Academy Gift map for Cash?

Academy gift cards aren’t redeemable for cash unless forced by state law. There room 11 states (plus Puerto Rico) that have cash earlier policies:

MassachusettsMontanaNew JerseyOregonWashingtonConnecticutRhode IslandVermontCaliforniaColoradoMaine

The quantity of cash that you can gain in some of these says is limited. Because that example, if you’re in California, you won’t have the ability to get her money back if friend have more than $10 on your card.

In situation you nothing live in one of the claims with a cash earlier policy, don’t worry—you have the right to still get your money earlier because can assist regardless of her location!

How To acquire Cash earlier With Ease using

* concerns the rescue with our Gift map Cash earlier product that’ll make your life easier! through it, you’ll have the ability to redeem her gift card for money in simply a few clicks.

Here’s what you should do:

Select ours Gift card Cash ago productGive us your gift map details such as the agency name, remaining balance, etc.


If friend live in a state with cash earlier laws, we’ll send your request come the Academy ar where you gained your gift card. If girlfriend don’t, we’ll uncover an Academy office in one of the 11 states over (and Puerto Rico) and send a inquiry there. Her money need to arrive via mail in ~ 14 days.

If girlfriend have any kind of questions concerning gift cards, counting on! us can display you exactly how to get complimentary gift cards or transform gift cards come cash. In situation you require to inspect the balance on any kind of other gift card, examine the write-ups below because that help:

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