Two of all Time Low’s many recognizable songs simply received RIAA certifications.

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byBrian CantorMar 18, 2021, 6:05 pm


As current singles “Monsters” proceeds to organize its visibility on the charts, two earlier All Time short signatures have received brand-new certifications in the joined States.

According come the RIAA, the band’s “Dear Maria, count Me In” reached 2x platinum on march 17, 2021. The compensation signifies 2 million units, through each unit equal to 1 revenue or 150 streams.

“Damned If I carry out Ya (Damned If ns Don’t)” simultaneously attained gold status, signifying 500,000 in us units.

Featured ~ above the “So Wrong, It’s Right” album, “Dear Maria” was the first All Time Low solitary to attain chart success. “Damned If I do Ya,” the band’s very first song to do the Billboard hot 100, appeared on follow-up album “Nothing Personal.”

Both albums obtained gold certifications in may 2017.


all time lowdamned if i execute ya (damned if i don"t)dear maria count me in


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