They had actually defied the government once, v Luke. That had taken all the defiance they had actually in them. Possibly more.

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Narrator, pg. 1

Luke"s parental have offered up the woods approximately their residence at the order of the Government, i beg your pardon plans to develop a new housing complicated in the area. Luke is ravaged by this adjust because it way he can not go external anymore. However, Luke"s parents were unable to refuse the government this request due to the fact that they currently defied the legislation when they had actually Luke, regardless of the truth that federal government regulations call for that families only have actually two children. This quote likewise demonstrates that Luke"s parents are generally rule-abiding civilization who are afraid their Government.

The an initial tree shudder and fall, much off in the distance. Climate he heard his mother speak to out the kitchen window: “Luke! Inside. Now.” He had actually never disobeyed the order come hide. Also as a toddler, right able to walk in the backyard’s high grass, he had somehow understood the are afraid in his mother’s voice. But on this day, the job they began taking the woods away, the hesitated. He take it one extra breath the the fresh air, scented v clover and also honeysuckle and—coming from far away—plain smoke

Narrator, pg. 1

Right prior to the federal government workers cut down the forest about Luke"s house, Luke steps external to reap one last minute in nature. That isn"t yet clear in the book why Luke demands to come inside or why his mom is therefore frightened, yet this will quickly come to be apparent. This quote to adjust the scene for the remainder of the book and also the collection of losses and limitations that Luke"s household will incur.

What would happen if anyone saw him. Death? death was what happened to the runt pigs who obtained stepped on through their stronger brothers and also sisters. Death was a paris that stopped buzzing once the swatter fight it.

Narrator, pg. 3

Throughout his quick life, Luke has constantly obeyed his parents when they called him that he have to hide. He requirements to do this in bespeak to protect against detection due to the fact that he is the third child in a family members that is only enabled to have two children. Luke is unclear about the results if that is indeed discovered - would he die favor the young pigs on his family"s farm? This quote also demonstrates the heartlessness of a government that would murder youngsters in stimulate to keep its rules.

Luke pictured himself together a baby, left in a cardboard crate by the next of a road somewhere, the means Dad said world used to do with kittens, back when people were permitted to have actually pets.

Narrator, pg. 10

Luke wonders around what his parents might have done through him if lock hadn"t had the courage come raise him as their own. The compares himself to an abandoned animal, a puppy left ~ above the next of the road when its owners decide they deserve to no longer care for it, express his feel of loneliness and also abandonment. This quotation also establishes that the world in which Luke and his family live is one in which civilization can no longer have pets, i beg your pardon sets increase the reader to learn an ext about the daunting economic and also political situation.

"Do you desire to hide all your life, or perform you want to change history?”

Jen, pg. 110

Jen is trying to to convince the Shadow youngsters she has actually met with online forums (and, in Luke"s case, in actual life) to involved the protest the she plan to phase in former of the presidents" house. Jen believes that if she gets sufficient Shadow youngsters together, the military won"t be able to harm them and their plot will force the government to change the law. Luke is also frightened to do this, believing the such a bold action is too lot of a risk. Jen do the efforts to sway him by the town hall this as a logical next step out of the darkness the his family"s home. She sets up a dichotomy in between hiding in his family"s home and living easily like a typical child.

“You’ve acquired to come, Luke, or you’ll hate yourself the rest of her life. When you don’t need to hide anymore, also years native now, there’ll always be some small part of girlfriend whispering, ‘I nothing deserve this. Ns didn’t fight for it. I’m not worth it.’ and also you are, Luke, friend are. You smart and also funny and nice, and you have to be life life, rather of being buried alive in the old residence of yours—”

Jen, pg. 111

Jen continues to try to sway Luke to join her rally on instead of of the shadow Children. She addresses his cultivation frustration with his need to hide, and also she emphasizes his confident characteristics, i m sorry Luke frequently overlooks in ~ himself. This quote demonstrates just how much Jen has grown to care around him, and also how lot Luke has actually grown together a person: he used to hide and also obey his parents" orders, however now he inquiries them and also looks because that a method out.

"It"s human being like girlfriend who change history. People like me--we just let things take place to us."

Luke, pg. 117

When Jen make the efforts to to convince Luke to attend the protest that she is planning, he replies through this quote. Luke originates from a much poorer and also less privileged family members than Jen"s: his parents room farmers while hers are federal government officials. Jen has accessibility to an innovation and has the capacity to relocate in public secretly, while Luke should stay locked up inside his house. Luke"s parental (and Luke himself) have no faith in their ability to affect political or social change - rather, they just hope come move around their resides without federal government interference.

At the end of the book, Luke will become mindful that he can, in fact, effect change, and also he will accept the sell that Jen"s father renders him the a fake ID. He pipeline his family and also becomes established to usage his newfound flexibility to seek methods to far better the lives of zero Children.

"Our government is totalitarian, and totalitarian governments never like truth."

Jen's father, pg. 131

Jen"s father says this come Luke as soon as Luke meets the after Jen"s death. Jen"s father suggests that the population Law is really around control, and also the federal government will never offer it up because they want to maintain control over people. Neither the pro-Population-Law resources nor the anti-Population-Law sources are totally correct since they are both infused v bias. Indeed, it becomes difficult to parse out what the truth really is, due to the fact that the government deliberate tries come cover up the fact in bespeak to preserve its hold on the people.

"The government justifies keeping everyone rather in poverty since people seem to occupational the hardest once they"re ideal on the sheet of survival."

Jen's father, pg. 136

Jen"s father points the end to Luke the peculiarity that the country"s situation: nobody loses their ranches to foreclosure since they can not pay, but no one is able come live comfortably either. Jen"s father suggests that this is a deliberate move on the component of the Government, which desires to encourage civilization to occupational as hard as lock can. Jen"s dad presents a center ground between Luke"s parents" see of an omnipotent and all-powerful government, and Jen"s perspective the the government is foolish and also inept. Jen"s dad believes the the government is calculating but likewise indifferent come most aspects of the citizen"s lives.

"I"m act this for you, too, Jen," the whispered, as well softly because that Jen"s dad or the an insect to hear over the car"s hum. "Someday when we"re every free, every the 3rd children, I"ll phone call everyone around you. They"ll erect statues come you, and also name holidays after you...." it wasn"t much, however it do him feeling better. A little.

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Luke, pg. 152.

Near the end of the novel, Luke heads right into his brand-new life v a new identity as a Baron child. The is figured out to use his brand-new status to research methods to enhance the resides of zero Children, and perhaps to repeal the law. That affirms that all of this is for his girlfriend Jen, a brave human being who teach him to think in himself and also the precious of various other Shadow Children.

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