Stress can breed a psychopathYou"re all that calms me downI forget that I"m a mess when you"re aroundPlease can you be home tonightSay its not over yetMy human tranquilizerMy pretty percocetI just want to chill with you tonight, girlI wish that ns could chill with you tonightStop the worries that keep forming in my headI"ve got ants in my pants unless its you in them instead< text from: >Oh baby ns was a faker before youTomorrow brings a busy dayIts overstuffed with timeI need to hear you breathing on the lineAnd you can be closed mindedIf you have open armsWhy can"t i ever work my wily charms on you?And you still weren"t home when ns dialed up the phone in the eveningSo I"m twiddling thumbs and I"m wondering what"s this I"m feelingI may be strong below the beltBut not with what ns thought and feltThat blissful knight ns kneltBetween your legsBetween our headsBetween our heartsI was a faker before you.