If you have actually cats, dogs, or both and you thinking about getting a moustache dragon or the other method around, you worthy to understand that you deserve to have both these pets. Lock can acquire along well, many thanks to the laid back and docile beardie’s personality.

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To obtain along well, you have to bond them because that a long time. Furthermore, her dog’s or cat’s personality will issue a lot. Owing to their searching instincts, some may see her this or various other lizards together potential prey.

Cats, dogs and beardies
Therefore, also if they seem to get in addition to each other so well, always supervise lock while they space roaming freely and also house castle separately. You have the right to let these pets to see however not accessibility each other.

However, never leave her bearded dragon with a cat or dog together they may attack, bite, injure, maim, or death you the or her. Their lengthy canines room deadly. Furthermore, ensure girlfriend tightly fasten your terrarium display screen cover come limit accessibility to any kind of other animals, including potential predators.

For instance, fasten your screen with Exo Terra Terrarium covering Clip Set. Lock have small and big ones depending upon your terrarium size. Alternatively, usage the Zilla Reptile Terrarium Covers hefty Duty screen Clips, large 30Gallon or Larger, or any type of other fastening clips that will certainly tightly certain the screen.

Secondly, part beardies may obtain stressed up at the sight of her dog or cat. Anxiety will do them shed appetite, no eat, and also wreck their immunity.

Cat or dog attack

In case of a cat or dog attacks your beardie, examine for any kind of scratch or bite marks, especially on your neck, tail, back, or any kind of other component of your body. If you notice them, allow herp vet treat her beardie as soon as possible.

Sometimes, your dog or cat may drag her beardie the end of his or she enclosure, and if the approximately temperatures room low, this pet may come to be cold and also hypothermic.

In situation they are bleeding, together you wait for her herp vet, clean your wounds using Povidone-Iodine or any mild antiseptic soap and also let her vet advise you on which antiseptic cream you can use afterward.

Also, save this reptile warm and well hydrated. However, nothing soak this lizard if he is severely injured. Take into consideration misting them or administering fluids v a syringe.

Once her vet arrives, the or she is most likely to administer an antibiotic shot or dental dose to assist treat any kind of bacteria the the this or claws of her dogs and also cats may have actually transmitted to her bearded dragon. Also, that may consider pain medication, IV fluids, and also so on.

As lock heal, for sure they have actually a well balanced diet, the right temperature, UV lighting, and also humidity together they room essential increasing the healing process.

Also, due to the fact that these reptiles will have actually suffered psychological trauma, friend may an alert some behavioral changes such as spending much more time in their hiding cave, not eating, etcetera. Shot to ensure your beardie doesn’t watch your cat or dog again for a while because it will certainly scare it further.

Finally, if they space not eating, give them Zilla Reptile wellness Supplies Jump-Start Appetite Stimulant or any type of other appetite stimulant and also follow any instruction offered by herp veterinarian.

Salmonella and also parasites

If you have both this pets, nothing forget the bearded dragons lug parasites and also some germs, specifically salmonella, and they deserve to pass these germs come your cats or dogs.

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Finally, due to the fact that they do carry parasites, always sanitize her hands using a perfect antiseptic after emotional them as you treat castle or protect against bleeding. Alternatively, undertake gloves.